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Coming out - who I am

I came to realise over the past few days, that I am in danger of being accused of plagiarising myself. Thus I have decided that it's time I 'came out' and owned up to my various fandom and writing names. Only one person (waves to maubast) actually knows all my names, and that's because she's published me using all of them :-) In fact she has encouraged me to 'come out', and has often wondered - as have people who know more than two of my names - how on earth I keep track of them.

Okay, around the majority of lists I go by the name: Nikki Harrington, and that was my writing name when I wrote Starsky & Hutch fanfic. Any list whereby, for one reason or another (mainly due to running two computers), I don't use Nikki Harrington, I use NH.

My writing name in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is: Ashleigh Anpilova.

My writing name in The Professionals is: Darby Brennan. I have also written a few stories under the name: NH.

My writing name in Due South is: Donita Vonette.

Quite why I have so many names is partly due to my paranoia, and partly due to habit. When I first got into fandom solo advised me not to use my real name, and so Nikki Harrington evolved.

Then when I got into The Professionals and saw how less-than-friendly people were to new writers (or any writers, come to that), I decided that I would feel more comfortable if I adopted another writing name. At the time I had in mind that I would use Darby for single fandom zines, and NH for multi-media zines and any web-fiction I may write. However, NH soon vanished, and I now use Darby all the time for Pros writing.

Then it became a habit to choose a new writing name when I wrote in a different fandom - hence Donita and Ashleigh.

I decided on yet another name (at least Nakeisha has got links with Nikki) when I got a Live Journal, simply because as I'd always been quite adamant that I would never get one, I didn't want to 'own up' and admit that I'd given in. Also, I wasn't convinced that I'd actually use it other than to comment on things in 'closed' communities, thus people didn't need to know that Nikki and Nakeisha were one and the same. Now of course I'm enjoying LJing so much, and not just using it as I'd anticipated, I am having to 'come out' to folk and 'own up' [rueful smile]. So as it's a new month I decided to do the full 'own up', well at least to my LJ, and let my names be known.

However, as I said in my 'New Year's Aims', I am not going to get any new names. I also have no intention of getting into, or seducing myself into any other fandom, so I won't need any other name - logical really :-)
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