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Fiction Meme - 2014

Herewith my traditional end of year fiction round-up.

Previous years can be found here:

Fanfiction - 2005
Fanfiction - 2006
Fanfiction - 2007 & the Addenda
Fanfiction - 2008
Fanfiction - 2009
Fanfiction - 2010
Fanfiction - 2011
Fanfiction - 2012
Fanfiction - 2013


BUFFYVERSE - Buffy/Angel (01)
Hopelessly Devoted

DUE SOUTH - Fraser/Vecchio (01)
Dinner For Two

INSPECTOR LYNLEY - Lynley/Havers (02)
Ever More With You
Watching Over You

M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ (01)
Return To Me

X-Ray Vision (Ducky & Jimmy)
Family (Gibbs & DiNozzo)


Abby/McGee (01)
Choices To Be Made


Gibbs/Ducky (04)
If Not For You
Memories Of Ducky
Promises Kept
Quintessentially Scottish

Gibbs/Fornell (01)
A Wake Up Call

McGee/Palmer (03)
Secrets Discovered
Never Too Much
Open To New Experiences

Just Another Case

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon/Illya (05)
Getting Started
Keeping Hope Alive
Underlying Cause
Vigilance Downtime
Zealous Napoleon

THE PROFESSIONALS - Bodie/Doyle (03)
But Fear Itself
Tenacious Doyle
Yuletide Happenings



Total Number of Stories: 50 (25 were posted to LJ)

Total Word count: 346,485 words (of which 79,870 constituted the stories posted to LJ)

Shortest story: 2,020 words

Longest story: 60,600 words

Drabbles 100 words exactly: None

Stories 101 - 1,000 words: None

Stories 1,001 - 5,000 words: 34 (All 25 posted to LJ fall into this category)

Stories 5,001 - 10,000 words: 08

Stories 10,001 - 25,000 words 07

Stories 25,001 - 50,000 words None

Stories 50,001 - 100,000 words 01

Stories over 100,000 words: None

Average length of story: 3,195

Story Ratings:

G = 05

PG = 29

PG-13 = 09

R = 07


Stories already written but not yet posted:




Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Overall, less. However, given I only started to write at the beginning of May, I am not unhappy with my overall amount of stories and certainly not unhappy with my overall word count. I'm not unhappy either with the 79,870  words I wrote for stories I posted to LJ, especially as I didn't begin to write LJ stuff until mid-October.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2014?


Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

Just to carry on enjoying writing and having fun.


My favourite story this year. Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest:

X-Ray Vision (Ducky & Jimmy)
Jimmy is using the x-ray machine for a rather strange reason. Ducky wants to know why. It's little more than a conversation with a bit of 'action'. But it makes me smile and I think shows the relationship between Ducky and Jimmy so very well. I loved writing it and it really does make me happy.

My best story this year:

Zealous Napoleon (Napoleon/Illya)
Illya is exhausted and aching and it's all Napoleon's fault. It's a fun story with a twist and it was great fun to write. Certainly it received more comments than any other story; which is why I've opted for as being my best story of the year.

Best case related story

Tenacious Doyle (Bodie/Doyle)
Doyle has an injured right hand. Nonetheless, he is determined it won't prevent him from backing Bodie up. Cowley, however, has different ideas. Partners will do anything for one another.

Happiest story:

Quintessentially Scottish (Gibbs/Ducky)
After retiring from NCIS, Gibbs and Ducky move to Scotland to live. One day they receive an invitation, but Ducky isn't certain Gibbs will want to fulfill the preferred dress code. It's a feel-good happy story with a nice little twist that makes it even happier.

Most romantic story:

Secrets Discovered (McGee/Palmer)
Both Tim and Jimmy have a secret. It's not romantic from beginning to end, nor is it romantic in the 'traditional' sense, but it is in my sense *g* It makes me smile - and it made the recipient happy too.

Most bitter-sweet story:

Choices To Be Made (Abby/McGee)
Tim is trying to juggle his career at NCIS with his writing - both of which are getting busier and busier - as well as his home life with Abby and the children. Finally, he accepts that something will have to give, but he's not sure what. This is both a happy and sad - yet in a positive way - story. It shows no one can have it all, no matter who they are.

Saddest story:

Return To Me (Hawkeye/BJ)
Hawkeye is sent to an aide station near to the front. Before he goes BJ makes him promise him something. I've chosen this because the whole set up is tremendous sad; the war, young men (some no more than kids) dying, Hawkeye having to come to terms with the fact he can't save them all and has to choose who to save. And of course Hawkeye and BJ's relationship; they never will have a happy ever after.

Best angst story:

But Fear Itself (Bodie/Doyle)
Doyle is missing. Can Bodie find him before it's too late? We see the angst from both Doyle as he's held captive and Bodie who is desperate to find and save him.

Best hurt/comfort story:

Watching Over You (Lynley/Havers)
Tommy is watching over Barbara. It's all he can do for her now. Watch, wait and hope. This isn't hurt/comfort in the traditional sense as Barbara is in a coma for most of it. However, Tommy's presence by her bedside brings them both comfort.

Best humorous story

Dinner For Two (Fraser/Vecchio)
It's Ray and Benny's anniversary. Ray decides to cook dinner for him, including food Benny loves and Ray hates. Things do not quite go according to plan and take a rather amusing turn.

Sweetest story:

Getting Started (Napoleon/Illya)
It's Illya's first year in America and his first Thanksgiving. He's been out of action for a couple of weeks and has hardly seen Napoleon, so he decides to cook a Thanksgiving dinner. One doesn't necessarily think of Napoleon and Illya as being 'sweet'. However, for me this story fits the bill. Despite Illya having an injured leg and unable to work he decides to go the the trouble of cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for Napoleon - and he won't let anything spoil it.

Story with single sweetest moment:

Memories of Ducky (Gibbs/Ducky)
It's autumn and Gibbs is thinking and remembering. It's the wee scene at the very end of the story which makes it fit into this category.

Biggest Surprise:

Family (Gibbs & DiNozzo)
DiNozzo is accidentally shot. Gibbs takes it upon himself to look after him. This story was written specifically to request and as it isn't a pairing I tend to write (not even as gen) I was surprised by how much I enjoyed writing it and how well it worked.

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