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Oh, LJ, you were doing so well

Yesterday I found I couldn't access LJ in my usual browser (Opera) whereas I could get there in FF.

To be honest I didn't really think that much of it, I thought it was 'one of those things' or maybe something at my end, but all would be well today.

Sadly, it isn't. And I have since discovered that quite a few of folk on my flist who use IE are also having problems and are unable to access LJ at all in IE.

As far as I know people who use FF and Chrome aren't having problems. So what have LJ done? And more importantly, when are they going to fix this?

I know they know it's an issue, but I opened a support request anyway, given the browser I was reporting was a different one from the one they acknowledged had a problem.

And they had been doing so very well :-(

I really hope this is sorted quickly. I rather object to being forced to use a browser I don't want to use - especially as I've paid for LJ!

ETA: Yay, we're back! That's not bad at all time-wise. Thank you, LJ.
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