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Story Links - November

Herewith the links to the stories I posted during November.

FANDOM: Buffyverse
PAIRING: Buffy/Angel

TITLE: Hopelessly Devoted

SUMMARY: It's dangerous, but they still keep on doing it.


TITLE: Return To Me

SUMMARY: Hawkeye is sent to an aide station near to the front. Before he goes BJ makes him promise him something.


TITLE: Choices To Be Made (Abby/McGee)

SUMMARY: Tim is trying to juggle his career at NCIS with his writing - both of which are getting busier and busier - as well as his home life with Abby and the children. Finally, he accepts that something will have to give, but he's not sure what.

GENRE: Slash

TITLE: Memories Of Ducky (Gibbs/Ducky)

SUMMARY: It's autumn and Gibbs is thinking and remembering.

TITLE: If Not For You (Gibbs/Ducky)

SUMMARY: Set during and after the case where Gibbs and Ducky flee France in a sailboat. Gibbs enjoys being alone on the water with Ducky. When they get home he wonders quite why he had gone as far as he had done to keep Ducky from being arrested.

TITLE: Never Too Much (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: Jimmy wonders if he and Tim spend too much time together. Then Tim is seriously injured and is hospitalized and Jimmy realizes something.

TITLE: Open To New Experiences (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: Ducky invites Tim and Jimmy to visit him in Scotland where they discover new and simple pleasures.

TITLE: Secrets Discovered (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: Both Tim and Jimmy have a secret.

FANDOM: Sherlock Holmes (Bookverse)
PAIRING: Holmes/Watson

TITLE: Just Another Case

SUMMARY: Holmes is asked to undertake what on the surface seems to be a very strange case.

FANDOM: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
PAIRING: Napoleon/Illya

TITLE: Getting Started

SUMMARY: It's Illya's first year in America and his first Thanksgiving. He's been out of action for a couple of weeks and has hardly seen Napoleon, so he decides to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.

TITLE: Keeping Hope Alive

SUMMARY:  Illya is in a coma. For once there is nothing Napoleon can do for his partner apart from wait and hope and think.

TITLE: Underlying Cause

SUMMARY:.Illya is behaving in a strange manner. Napoleon starts to worry if something is actually amiss.

TITLE: Vigilance Downtime

SUMMARY: Mr. Waverly has a special assignment for Napoleon and Illya.

TITLE: Zealous Napoleon

SUMMARY: Illya is exhausted and aching and it's all Napoleon's fault.


WORD COUNT: 39,990

STORY LENGTHS: From 2,020 to 3,830

YEARLY WORD COUNT (From May): 307,780
Tags: fanfic: links

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