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LJ Changes

I don't know how many of you might have seen this information about the changes to the user information page. I came across it yesterday on permmembers.

As seen on: lj_support

The past two months jamisononfire and henrylyne have been working on and off on a redesign of the profile page. It is now at a point where we're looking for feedback from all of you! While the overall design won't be changing, we definitely want to know what is broken as well as what tweaks we can make so it becomes even better. What about it do you hate and what do you love?

Add ?ver=ng to the end of a profile URL to see it.

For example:

N.B. Also try it with your own profile. If you have your page customised in anyway to include pictures, etc. etc. it makes quite a difference.

It looks like we're going to end up with the general style of this no matter what we think of it. However, if you wish to comment on it, and both negative and positive comments have been made, you can do so by following the link below.

Changes to Profile

For the record, personally I hate it and have said so. Far too cluttered and the two column thing makes it look messy and uninviting. But that's just my opinion.
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