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Because I can't write and post stories without doing a challenge

Nope, I can't. I simply can't. I am apparently incapable of doing so *g*

Thus . . .

Once again it's a stories_a_z and again my claim is:

Fandom: Multiple
Claim: Multiple

01.A Wake Up Call.
02.But Fear Itself.
03.Choices To Be Made.

04.Dinner For Two.
05.Ever More With You.
(Gibbs & DiNozzo)
07.Getting Started.
08.Hopelessly Devoted.
09.If Not For You.
10.Just Another Case.
11.Keeping Hope Alive.
12.Looking Back.
13.Memories Of Ducky.
14.Never Too Much.
15.Open To New Experiences.
16.Promises Kept.
17.Quintessentially Scottish.
18.Return To Me.
19.Secrets Discovered.
20.Tenacious Doyle.
21.Underlying Cause.
22.Vigilance Downtime.
23.Watching Over You.
24.X-Ray Vision.
(Ducky & Jimmy)
25.Yuletide Happenings.
26.Zealous Napoleon.

26/26 - Completed 5th February 2015
Tags: fanfic challenge: stories a-z, fanfic challenges

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