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The day Scotland decides

Back from voting. They had already had ninety people vote, which believe me is actually more than they normally get in an entire day let alone four hours. The area our polling station covers is jolly small about 600 people I think (if that).

It occurred to me as I was putting my cross in the 'No' box that no matter what the result is, by this time tomorrow, up to 49.999999999999999999999% of Scotland will be unhappy. Those who voted 'Yes' will be unhappy if the result is to stay with the union. Those who voted 'No' will be deeply unhappy that Scotland will become independent. And if the polls are to be believed (but then who believes polls?) it really could be almost 50% of the population who will be unhappy.

One of the main things about this election was to bring Scotland together. Nope, this will just tear it even further apart; whatever the result, friendships, families, neighbourhoods will be affected and could indeed be torn apart. That actually makes me very sad - no matter what the result is.

In all the years I have been eligible to vote, well in fact in the all the years I have been old enough to be aware of politics and elections, this one has been the most divisive one I have ever known and it's outcome will have an impact that will last far, far, far longer than any five year government. One way or another Scotland will by tomorrow be a divided country - is that really what the nationalists wanted?

It also occurred to me that I have never in my life been as open as I have been about the way I am voted. I have always had a 'rule' never to discuss politics, well unless it is with those with whom I share the same views - it's too much of a red flag for many. Strictly speaking I'm not discussing it now, I'm merely using my journal to make a post (okay, maybe that's called splitting hairs).

Until now a couple of people knew how I voted. I guess if anyone else thought about it (not that they should, I confess I don't go around wondering how people vote) then they might guess or assume how I'd vote. However, I never thought the day would come when I would be open about my voting choice - but then I never foresaw the day would come when I'd be voting in an election which would in one way of another tear a country, a nation apart.

On that sombre note I shall away and do something er . . . Do something.

With apologies to those of my friends (one in particular who was the very first friend I made when I discovered fandom) who will be voting 'Yes', I shall end by saying I do hope that by this time tomorrow the United Kingdom is still united and Scotland is indeed still part of the union. However, no matter what happens in my world I will still be British; I was born in England, I'm English and British, no matter what.

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