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Drabble the eleventh - Pros

TITLE: Changes
AUTHOR: Darby Brennan
PAIRING: Bodie/Doyle
GENRE: Slash
FORMAT: Drabble (100 words exactly)
WRITTEN FOR: doylebaby. I hope you enjoy it.

It'd taken many years, but finally the change had come.

Bodie had never believed it would. Still didn't really believe it.

They'd been together thirty years, and he still loved Ray as much as ever. Always would. What better way to celebrate their anniversary than this?

It was almost perfect. Only one thing was missing. A person. The man who'd, in his own way, been a father to them.

As he and Ray exchanged rings, Bodie spared the man a thought.

Later they raised a glass to the memory of George Cowley. He would, Bodie knew, be happy for them.

Tags: fandom: the professionals, fanfic: stories

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