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Wimbledon 2014 - Men's Final

So the Men's Singles Champion is:

Novak Djokovic!

Djokovic prevailed over Federer in five sets during which time superb tennis was played by both men, the whole potential outcome of the match swung back and forth and quite frankly by the time we got to the fifth set, I honestly didn't mind who won, because either of them would have been a worthy winner. It really was an incredibly close match that was won and not lost.

At the end of the first set, however, which Djokovic lost I honestly thought Federer was going to be the winner because whilst Novak was playing just a tad better than Roger, he was also making more mistakes on crucial points and Roger was pouncing on those mistakes.

By the time Novak had won sets two and three, I was once again back to believing he would win. When he broke in the fourth I thought it was all over, but Roger broke back and the same happened. Novak served for the match and was broken and then had match point on Roger's serve and Roger saved it and finally won the set himself.

At this point the pendulum seemed to have swung in favour of Roger lifting his 8th Wimbledon trophy - because surely mentally Novak had little left to give, didn't he? How do you come back from having served for the match and having had match point?

Somehow he did and finally broke Roger at 5:4 to win the match 6:7, 6:4, 7:6, 5:7, 6:4 - a truly worthy winner. But as I said Federer would have been an equally worthy winner, the match really was that close (as the final scores do show).

It was an excellent match and I thoroughly enjoyed it and tip my hat to both Novak and Roger.

Coincidentally Novak winning completed the 'double'. Three years ago Petra Kvitova won her maiden Wimbledon as did Novak and this year they were both Wimbledon champions for the second time.

And here endeth the Wimbledon fortnight :-(
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