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Wimbledon 2104 Days #11 & 12

Well here we are on the penultimate day of Wimbledon 2104. The fortnight really does seem to have flown by.

What will I do with myself now that the tennis part of the year (as far as being able to watch it goes) is over? *Eyes inbox* Yep, all those emails that have been building up . . .

Men's semi finals did not produce the 'upset' many were expecting. The old guard still reign supreme as both Djokovic and Federer did their jobs and came through their matches, Nole in four, Roger in three - so again I successfully 'called' three out of four.

Today is the final for the ladies and is between Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic and Eugenie Bouchard of Canada.

Petra won the title in 2011 and is the higher seed whereas this is Eugenie's first grand slam final. Will that play a part in proceedings? One would thing so and yet Genie is one of the most composed youngsters I have ever seen. She seemed totally unfazed during her semi and in her interview afterwards. And yet I cannot believe she can be that composed in her first ever grand slam final - well we'll find out in a few hours.

I like both players, but have a preference for Petra, partly because I've enjoyed watching her play for a number of years whereas Genie has really only come across my radar this year.

Thus my 'want to win' and 'I think will win' are the same. I believe Petra will be crowned Wimbledon Champion for the second time. As for the number of sets . . . Er. two or three *g* Okay, I'll say three.

I'm hoping for a good match.
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