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Wimbledon 2014 Days 09 & 10

Well now, Mystic Meg, I certainly am not *g*

Yesterday I made a total of eleven predictions and one wish when it came to results. I ended up being correct a mere four times *whistles* As far as number of sets being played went I was only correct in one out of six calls and I didn't get my wish either :-(

So not only has my favourite male player gone out, but my second favourite player has gone to keep him company. Andy didn't play well yesterday, he did (not matter what he said afterwards) definitely seemed out of sorts. However, I hasten to add that isn't to take anything way from Dimitrov who played exceptional tennis from start to finish and was a worthy winner.

With Rafa and Andy both departed, I shall put my support behind Grigor Dimitrov. Or maybe I shouldn't do that thing as I really would like to see him win and given how 'helpful' my support has been thus far he may wish I supported anyone but him *g*

Today brings us ladies' semi finals and despite yesterday I am going to again make predictions.

I think the match between Petra Kvitova and Lucie Safarova will be straight sets, whereas the match between Eugenie Bouchard and Simona Halep will go to three. As for the victors:

Petra Kvitova
Eugenie Bouchard

So four predictions - we'll see how many I get wrong this time *wry grin*
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