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Wimbledon 2014 Days #08 & 09

So Rafa's participation in this year's Wimbledon is over :-(

That makes me sad, but I actually wasn't surprised.

I didn't actually get to watch the entire match as I had under estimated the length of time the previous match (ladies' singles) would take and thus our planned supper wasn't one I could take and eat easily whilst sitting on my bed. J is so good and puts up with my tennis obsession (and others *g*) that I really didn't want to force him to watch a match which, quite frankly was boring me.

Interestingly, at the end of the first set (which I did watch) I said to J 'Rafa is going to lose'. I had a slight hope when I flicked to have a look at the scores to see Rafa had levelled it, but when I flicked over again to see they were in the fourth set with the young Australian leading two sets to one and with a break I knew it was all over.

The kid is good; the kid is darn good and showed no signs of nerves at all being out on Centre Court at Wimbledon for the first time. It'll be interesting to see how his career goes, but based on this one tournament, I think he'll have a bright future and he seems a nice kid as well - based purely on an interview the Beeb showed prior to the match.

So now all of my support goes Andy's way and I'm looking forward to his match today which I believe will be his biggest test thus far at Wimbledon as Dimitrov is playing exceptionally well and must still be buoyant after his win at Queen's a couple of weeks ago.

I confess I wasn't that sorry to see Maria go out yesterday; I really like her and can still remember the year she won Wimbledon by beating Serena, but her screaming on every point really does spoil the match for me, which is such a shame :-(

So here we are on men's quarter finals day and here are my predictions as to who will get through to the semi finals:

Andy Murray
Roger Federer
Novak Djokovic
Nick Kyrgios

I think Andy and Kyrgios's matches will go to four or even five sets whereas Federer and Djokovic will both win in three.

The other two ladies' quarters are today as well. I would love to see Sabine Lisicki win her match, but she has to play far, far better than she played yesterday to do so - plus she will almost certainly still be carrying a shoulder injury (her dominant arm). In the other match I don't have a personal favourite, but I think young Eugenie Bouchard will come through. I think both matches could go the distance.
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