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Wimbledon 2014 Day #06

Well the players didn't just have to battle one another yesterday, those not on Centre Court also had to battle the weather which played havoc with the schedule and will have an impact on tomorrow and Tuesdays schedule.

You know it really is time that Wimbledon moved into the twentieth (yes, that is deliberate) century and stopped this 'we can't play on the middle Sunday (which technically given they don't start playing until the Monday isn't an accurate term anyway *g*) and did what other Grand Slams did and scheduled play. I like tradition as much as the next person - probably more than most - but really this is a terribly outdated one.

Anyway, that aside. Rafa kept up his 'Wimbledon 2014 tradition' by losing the first set; he then won the next three with the loss of only three games. J suggested I should stop watching him. However I think plutos_revenge's idea of just not watching the first set is better *g*

In other news Federer continued his gentle and easy progress through the tournament and on the ladies' side Serena Williams went out - something about which I cannot pretend to be sorry.

Given there isn't any tennis today, what am I going to do with myself? I guess I had better catch up on some emails - although caffyolay has told me there is some athletics on this afternoon so I might dip into that as well.
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