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Wimbledon 2014 Days #05 & 06

Andy continued his imperious run at this year's tournament and once again won in straight sets easily beating and 'on form on grass' Spaniard.

Sadly one of my female favourites Li Na went out :-( However, thankfully so did Venus Williams. I don't dislike Venus, I just couldn't stand the thought of yet another all-Williams' final, which could have happened. Also, another couple of my favourite ladies did go through.

Plus, Andy's elder brother again won his doubles match so he progresses. It was quite amusing because their mother had chosen to match Jamie's match which ended up finishing a mere few minutes before Andy's. She got to Centre Court in time for the last game *g*

On Armed Forces day Rafa once again opens on Centre Court (very odd that) to see if he (like Andy) can get through to the fourth round.

Having been more than a little worried about him before and during, I'm less concerned today. Before the tournament started I felt if he could get through the first two rounds he'd go deep into the competition. Okay, well done, Nikki, that's really put the kibosh on him now!

Plus, it is currently raining and raining hard at Wimbledon and whilst that won't stop the Centre Court matches from being played (due to the roof) but that turns an outdoor tournament into an indoor one - and indoors is definitely not Rafa's best surface, so maybe I should be worried. Hmmm.
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