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Wimbledon 2014 Days #03 & 04

Well Andy made very short work of his second round match yesterday winning in straight sets and playing some jolly good tennis.

Sadly though another of my favourite players (David Ferrer) went out - the biggest upset on the men's side thus far :-(

Our other Brits went out which just leaves Heather Watson (apart from Andy, of course) who plays her second round match today. It's a tough one against the 9th seed and I rather think that by the end of today it will just be Andy left in the singles.

Rafa also plays his second round match today. He's playing against the man who put him out of Wimbledon at exactly the same stage two years ago. Fingers crossed the result is not the same. The time is different as he's first up so hopefully all will go well. He's followed by Heather, so again that's my afternoon all set out.
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