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Nikki's Notations
A Slash Friendly Journal
Wimbledon 2014 Days #02 & 03
Well he made harder work of it than Andy did, but Rafa did as I wanted *g* and won his match - even though he lost the first set. It was his first win on grass for two years - which actually sounds a lot more dramatic than it is, given the shortness of the grass court season.

He certainly didn't look that comfortable or confident to begin with - but after four consecutive losses on grass who could blame him? Even the best have nerves.

However, as the match went on he became more comfortable and confident, even winning two points after slipping over mid-rally and tied up the match in four sets. And much to the pleasure of Johnny Mac managed to do so with the exact same score line as one and only other time he'd played the man he beat.

I was correct in my prediction that of yesterday's Brits, only one would remain standing. Heather Watson had a straight sets win and progresses to round two - making a total of three Brits in the second round. Having said that, I've just realised that one match featuring a British lass didn't finish yesterday - it's due to finish today.

Andy plays his second round match today, nice and early, first match on Court One in fact - so again that's me sorted out. And it won't be the only match I'll be watching as there are others in which I am really interested today.

Hopefully Andy will continue to be a good boy and win today - three sets would be nice, please *g*

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