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Wimbledon 2014 Days #01 & 02

Yes, it's that time of year again.

Actually, in general tennis terms it's been 'that time of the year for the last four weeks which I have been enjoying, especially with Rafa winning his ninth French Open - which is a huge achievement.

But now we have a fortnight of my favourite tournament - Wimbledon! With wonderful TV coverage (I'm sorry, ITV, but you can't come close to covering tennis in the way the Beeb do) and some great commentators (we really should make Johnny Mac an honorary Brit) and hours of tennis (poor J).

This year for the first time for at least a couple of years my two favourite players (Rafa Nadal and Andy Murray) are in opposite halves of the draw. Thus if they are both good boys and win their matches (or in Andy's case continue to win his matches) I'll have a favourite playing each day. And if they are really good boys they'll both get through to the final and then . . . If that happens that will be a jolly 'interesting' match for me.

Plus, other players I really like in the men's and ladies' draws are nicely spread this year so I might well be watching even more than I usually do. Although, as both plutos_revenge and I and caffyolay and I have said, it is sometimes really nice to watch a match where you really don't care who wins - it's certainly less tiring *g*

So yesterday began as Wimbledon does with last year's men's champion opening procedures on Centre Court. Mac had said to Sue Barker just before the match that there should be a standing ovation for him when he went onto court. It was as if the crowd heard him, because there was - which was lovely.

In true British fashion seven Brits began the challenge; at the end of the day two remained. Today four more take up the mantle - if I had to predict the results, I'd say one will get through (oops, sorry Heather, I do hope I haven't put the kibosh on you).

And Rafa begins his campaign today on Centre Court where he's due to play second after a ladies' match - so that my afternoon sorted out.
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