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What's going on?

I know some of my flist use the LJ Client Semagic to post to LJ - as do I and have done ever since I joined LJ. I use it to post to my journal and communities.

Well I used to!

A few minutes ago I posted the regular weekly ncis_drabble challenge, only to discover it had been posted to my LJ instead (I amend the previous week's saved post so have no need to choose the journal). Upon checking to see whether I had inadvertently rest the 'Post to' type box to my LJ, I discovered that rather than that nice drop down list from which I could select the comm, all that is there now is my LJ.

I had to go to LJ itself to post - which is a real pain and time-consuming and not what I want to do.

Is this happening to anyone else? What has happened?

Any ideas?

I'm having the horrid feeling this is tied in with the various site 'improvements' but can't quite figure out how/why.

*Wanders off to find Semagic comm to see if there's anything there*
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