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Fiction Meme - 2013

One or two of you may have noticed that I didn't post my traditional end of year fanfic meme on 31st December (as I have been doing since 2005). This was not an omission nor did I forget; I chose to leave it until now.

I put a lot of work into this meme and decided (actually the lovely doylebaby suggested it last year) that maybe not many people are around on New Year's Eve, thus wouldn't get to see it. So I thought I'd try posting it in early January.

Previous years can be found here:

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Fanfiction - 2006
Fanfiction - 2007 & the Addenda
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Buffy/Angel (02)
Welcome To The Hellmouth
Powers Stronger Than They

Rupert Giles (07)
Getting Away For A While
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Keeping A Balance
Might It Have Made A Difference?
Unfamiliar Territory
Vows To Be Kept
Zenith Reached

DUE SOUTH - Fraser/Vecchio (03)
All He Can Do
Heading Undercover
Until The End Of Time

INSPECTOR LYNLEY - Lynley/Havers (02)
Realising His True Feelings
X-Rated Films

M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ (03)
Because I Love You
Dying Is Not An Option
Quietening The Silence

Kate's Choice (Kate)
Resolution (Team)
Respect Has To Be Earned (Team)
Snow Hits DC (Team)


Abby/McGee (04)
Must Have
Never Completely Off Duty
Still Loved
You Can't Have It All

DiNozzo/Abby (01)
What Have I Done?

DiNozzo/Ziva (03)
Just Another Day)
Never To Forget
Not Quite According To Plan


DiNozzo/McGee (03)
For Tim
Thinking About Tony
Watching And Wanting

DiNozzo/Palmer (02)
Are We Dating?
Time To Tell

Gibbs/Ducky (13)
Caring About Ducky
Charlie's Graduation
Ducky And The FBI Man
I Do Not Wish To Love Him
Into The Sunset
Looking Beyond The Obvious
No Names No Pack Drill
Once A Child
The Past Returns
Time Is Precious
Verifying What She Said
What Some People Do
You Can Go Home

Gibbs/Fornell (03)
Gut Instinct
Here All Along
What Will Be Will Be

Gibbs/Palmer (02)
Day Of Remembrance
Not In His Wildest Dreams

McGee/Palmer (08)
A Dozen Roses
A Kiss Is Never Just A Kiss
Are You Dancing?
Come Back To Me
For More Than Just One Night
Once Is Not Enough
Never Say Never
What To Do

Ziva/Jeanne (01)
Talk Of The Squad Room

RAFFLES - Raffles/Bunny (30)
A Worried Rabbit
Across Worlds
Because I Love Him
Bunny Saves The Day
Caring About Bunny
Dance With Me
Doing His Duty
Even Raffles Is Not Immune
Finding A Solution
Gentlemen Can Be Players
I Remembered
In Bunny's Hands
Just Once More
Keeping My Rabbit Warm
Letting Go
Making Things Right
Not What He Had Intended
Opening The Door
Pulling Together
Realising The Lengths To Which A Rabbit Will Go
Rules Are Made To Be Broken
Quartet For New Year
Quest For A Rabbit
Unexpected Reunion
Venturing Into The Unknown
X Marks The Spot
Worlds Without End
Zero Tolerance
Zeroing In

SAPPHIRE & STEEL - Silver/Steel (03)
Handled By The Forces
Learning About Steel
Understanding Comes To Those Who Wait

Eternally Yours
Everything Will Be All Right
For Watson
You Needed Me

STARSKY & HUTCH - Starsky/Hutch (04)
Complete Turnaround
If You Don't Ask
Taking Care
With My Eyes Open

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon/Illya (07)
Just Another Assignment
Just In Time
Optimistic Until The End
Rescuing Napoleon
Something Quite Different
Virtuoso Performance
Your Property

THE PROFESSIONALS - Bodie/Doyle (02)
Keeping Watch
Out Of Habit



Total Number of Stories: 111.
Now I know it's not even nor is it a prime number of anything like that, but I think it's a jolly nice number. Plus, it is a perfect totient number. Not to mention it has ties in with LorT when  Bilbo talking about being eleventy-one. So, yes, it is a very nice number indeed *g*

Total Word count: 727,535

Shortest story: 1,380 words

Longest story: 53,685 words

Drabbles 100 words exactly: None

Stories 101 - 1,000 words: None

Stories 1,001 - 5,000 words: 78

Stories 5,001 - 10,000 words: 12

Stories 10,001 - 25,000 words 16

Stories 25,001 - 50,000 words 04

Stories 50,001 - 100,000 words 01

Stories over 100,000 words: None

Average length of story: 6,554 words

This is my longest average length of story for a number of years.

Story Ratings:

G = 16

PG = 54

PG-13 = 21

R = 20

It's been a long time since my R rated stories exceeded my G rated ones.


Stories already written but not yet posted: None


One serious one, plus story ideas for half a dozen or so.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Well now . . .

In terms of the actual number of stories written I wrote fewer than I thought I might - or indeed than I have in quite a number of years.

However, in terms of the overall word count I wrote more than I expected. I started the year with a goal of 500,000 words. When we got to the end of March and I had already hit the 250,000 mark I dreamt of hitting the 1,000,000 (that was never an actual realistic goal just a 'hey look if I carry on at this rate I could, but I knew even I couldn't keep up that rate).

When the awful (the worst I've experienced for many years) summer hit us and I wrote very little (by my standards) I began to wonder if I would actually even get to 500,000. Then when I got to the end of November and released I was within just over 63,000 of hitting 725,000 I decided I'd set myself that goal of writing just over 63,000 words in December.

To be honest, given how busy December is for me I really didn't expect to achieve it. However, I'm nothing if not determined and I did indeed manage it writing just almost 66,000 in two stories.

Therefore, I am very happy with what I achieved this year - very happy indeed.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2013?

Compared to last year in particular as well as several previous years, this year was very 'tame' as far as writing anything different went. I did write one new pairing: DiNozzo/Abby.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

Well now. I achieved the goals I set myself last year (to finish mission_insane for NCIS and narrative_x_10 for Raffles/Bunny). I did have another goal: not to write any stories under 1,000 words and I achieved that. In fact of the 111 stories I wrote only five were under 2,000.

I'm going to stick with my not writing any stories under 1,000 words as a main goal. However, I will add a secondary one on top of that and say that I would like to not write any stories under 2,500.

Also, I'd like to keep my average length of story up over 5,000.

And I'd like to write even more longer stories.


This year I've made a few changes to the questions. I have added a couple and removed those to which I tend to answer 'none.

My favourite story this year. Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest:

This is probably the hardest question to answer as so many of the stories I have written have made me really happy.

RAFFLES: Quartet For New Year
A sequel to Christmas Past And Present. Raffles and Bunny spend New Year with Charleston and Urquhart. This was very much a self-indulgent story as it involved not only Raffles/Bunny but also my two OCs who are another couple in this story.

NCIS: A Dozen Roses (McGee/Palmer)
Tim arrives at the Navy Yard on the first working day of the New Year to find a single rose on his desk. He has no idea who put it there, but to begin with he thinks it's some kind of joke and then more roses appear. It's another feel good story, that makes me smile. Interestingly although it is Tim/Jimmy as a pairing, there's quite a lot of Tony & Tim friendship in the story.

OTHER: Powers Stronger Than They (Buffy/Angel)
Buffy turns twenty-seven and experiences something strange. A day later she gets a surprise visitor. For me this makes me very happy as it ties up something that was mentioned in Angel and implied heavily many times in both Buffy and Angel; it's the ending we never got.

My best story this year:

RAFFLES: Opening The Door
It was also my longest story. It's an AR Raffles/Bunny story. Raffles's butler insists he employ a new valet. One of the men who apply for the job is, much to his surprise, known to Raffles. After he explains his reasons for needing the job, Raffles agrees to employ him and it isn't long before Raffles realises he wants far more. However, for once he's not entirely certain how to go about getting it.

NCIS: Gut Instinct (Gibbs/Fornell)
Fornell has apparently left DC by choice. However, Gibbs simply doesn't believe it. The story involves a mystery, intrigue and friendship. Although it is a Gibbs/Fornell story, Ducky features heavily in it and helps Gibbs considerably.

OTHER: Keeping Watch (Bodie/Doyle)
Bodie and Doyle are on assignment in a graveyard. The supernatural element was something I had never written before in any fandom other than Raffles, so it was a little bit of a risk to write it, but it clearly worked and indeed someone who normally doesn't like supernatural stories enjoyed it.

Story most under appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

RAFFLES: Zero Tolerance
Raffles is many things, not all of them salubrious. However, he is in many ways a very moral man does not like to see people about whom he cares hurt in anyway. When a young lady starts to show more than just a passing interest in Bunny and Raffles's realises there is something about her which doesn't fit with the person Bunny believes her to be, he sets out to do something about it. However, the young lady concerned demands that Bunny ask Raffles the truth about why he did what he did and Raffles is forced to face the truth about his own feelings about his rabbit. Personally, I think this is one of my top five Raffles stories this year.

NCIS: You Can't Have It All (Abby/McGee)
Abby and Tim's daughter is unwell and Abby gets a shock. She turns to Ducky who gently tells her some home truths, which leads Abby to revaluating things. I think it's a good story, but given no one commented on it - maybe I'm wrong.

OTHER: Zenith Reached (Rupert Giles)
Set a month after 'Chosen'. Giles is back home in England and thinking about what will happen now. Once again, I think it's a jolly good story, it's a very introspective piece and quite a painful piece. However, once again no one commented on it.

Best 'case' related story

RAFFLES: Realising The Lengths To Which A Rabbit Will Go
Charleston shows Raffles something which shocks him beyond measure. Raffles being Raffles, cannot simply let things be; he has to find out why. His discovery leads to a friendship being regained and taken to new levels. Raffles doesn't have cases per se, but this story for the most part is about intrigue and a mystery.

NCIS: Ducky And The FBI Man (Gibbs/Ducky)
At an interagency party Gibbs sees Ducky being chatted up by an FBI man. His gut troubles him and despite Fornell assuring him the man is nice, Gibbs decides to keep an eye on Ducky just in case his old friend needs his help. This is not an official NCIS case story, nonetheless Gibbs's investigative skills are vital for Ducky's safety.

OTHER: X-Rated Films (Lynley/Havers)
Barbara is about to be assigned to a case that will put her in great danger - what can Tommy do about it?

Saddest story:

RAFFLES: Worlds Without End
Set after Knees Of The Gods. Raffles is dead and Bunny is devastated. He returns home to England and for several months barely leaves his rooms. Then one night he dines out at his old club and runs into Charleston. Later when Bunny returns home he finds someone waiting for him - or does he? Charleston becomes concerned and persuades Bunny to go to the hospital he owns. Bunny agrees and at least Charleston knows Bunny is safe - at least he assumed he would be. This was a story that was painful to write and to end as I had to make a choice as to what would happen to Bunny and with whom he would be. Not as easy as it may sound as he and Charleston became very close.

NCIS: Never To Forget (DiNozzo/Ziva)
Tony knows he'll never forget Ziva. It is a death story. It shows how deeply the team love and care for one another and quite how much Tony will miss Ziva, but how he somehow knows she will always love him and their children.

OTHER: Because I Love You (Hawkeye/BJ)
The Korean war over, Hawkeye and BJ have to say goodbye. Hawkeye will return home to his Crabapple Cove and his dad; BJ to Peg and Erin - but is it really the end of their relationship? It's angsty and sad and full of turmoil from beginning to almost the end.

Story with single sexiest moment:

RAFFLES: In Bunny's Hands
When walking back to the Albany after attending a ball one evening, Raffles makes an announcement that shocks Bunny deeply. The shook later turns to anger and Bunny takes matters into his own hands. For once it is Bunny who makes the first move.

NCIS: Time Is Precious (Gibbs/Ducky)
Ducky is faced with the hardest decision he has ever had to make; whatever he decides he will hurt someone and believe he has failed someone. It's not much, but it's one of the handful (fewer, actually) of NCIS stories that includes any kind of sex scene.

OTHER: Just Another Assignment (Napoleon/Illya)
The ward of an old and close friend of Mr. Waverly's is in trouble. Mr. Waverly puts his best team onto helping. The 'sexy' moment happens at the very end.

Story with single sweetest moment:

This is never an easy question to answer as I do tend to 'do' sweet (well when I'm not doing dark angst and death *g*).

RAFFLES: Across Worlds
Set during their schools days and Raffles's first year at Cambridge.  It's time for Raffles to leave the school and Bunny and go up to Cambridge. Both boys are unhappy but Raffles has promised to write every week to Bunny and to return to the school for Old Boys' Day. A few weeks before his return Bunny receives a warning and makes a promise; a promise he isn't quite sure how he will be able to keep. The sweetest moment is something Charleston does - he lies to his old headmaster, something that certainly Bunny would never have believed Charleston would have done. He does it because of how much he cares about Raffles and Bunny.

NCIS: For Tim (DiNozzo/McGee)
McGee and DiNozzo are an established couple. McGee is the agency director and DiNozzo the senior agent. Everything seems to be going okay until DiNozzo notices the other agency directors don't have any respect for McGee or nor NCIS. He figures out why and knows what he has to do to put things right. Strictly speaking, it's a more bitter-sweet than sweet moment, but to me it qualifies. Tony does something utterly and totally self-sacrificing and altruistic.

OTHER: Until The End Of Time (Fraser/Vecchio)
Set after Call Of The Wild. Ray's bowling alley is going extremely well, almost too well for his liking. He's getting bored and doesn't know what to do next then a news item has him racing off to Canada. The moment occurs when Benny kisses Ray in front of other people; partly to quieten him, but mostly because he loves him.

Biggest Surprise:

RAFFLES: Letting Go.
Set during their time at school. It's the first day of term and Raffles is looking forward to seeing Charlie again and continuing their relationship. However, he meets Bunny and something he could never have foreseen or expected happens, which leaves Raffles no longer certain what his future will entail. The reason why it's the biggest surprise is that it contains on-screen sex scene between Raffles & Charleston, which as you know are not my OTP in Raffles.

NCIS: What Have I Done? (DiNozzo/Abby)
There is an accident during a shoot-out and DiNozzo is devastated. Can Abby help him? It's a surprise because I never thought I'd write the pairing.

OTHER: For Watson (Holmes/Watson)
Holmes had a good reason for giving Watson's distant relative the money to buy Watson's practice. In fact he had two good reasons. Basically it was a surprise because it's written from Holmes's POV rather than Watson's and somehow I never thought I'd do that given I write BookVerse and they are all from Watson's POV. However, this story couldn't have been written from Watson's POV.

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