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Story Links - November

Herewith the links to the stories I posted during November.

I'm a little disappointed (which I'm sure I shouldn't be) that the word count wasn't higher and that the only stories I wrote were for the Alphabet meme redux. However, given I was under the weather for a week and then spent the best part of a week writing Christmas cards as I can only do a few a day, I really should be quite happy with what I achieved.


TITLE: Must Have (Abby/McGee)

SUMMARY: The body of a dead Marine takes Abby on one of her strangest hunts. Once she had solved the puzzle, she becomes obsessed and simply has to have something.

GENRE: Slash

TITLE: Caring About Ducky (Gibbs/Ducky)

SUMMARY:  Vance gives Gibbs some news that neither he nor Ducky will want. However, there is nothing Vance can do about it. Thus, Gibbs decides to find a way to help Ducky pass his time and give him something to keep him company while Gibbs is at work.

FANDOM: Raffles
PAIRING: Raffles/Bunny

TITLE: Zeroing In

SUMMARY: Set a few weeks before the new school year begins and on the first day of term. Raffles and Bunny meet for the first time before they meet at school. Bunny thinks Raffles is the most wonderful boy he has ever seen and to his surprise Raffles is more than a little fascinated by Bunny.

TITLE: Dance With Me

SUMMARY: Bunny is finding the monotony of London somewhat boring until a boy he had been at school with invites him to go to a club with him. It is an evening that will change his life.

TITLE: Bunny Saves The Day

SUMMARY:  Raffles sets his heart on acquiring some rare yellow diamonds. Bunny of course agrees to help him. The burglary goes according to plan; however as Raffles and Bunny are breakfasting on the following day they get an unexpected visitor. It really does appear as if this time Raffles will lose his liberty.

FANDOM: Sapphire & Steel
PAIRING: Silver/Steel

TITLE: Understanding Comes To Those Who Wait

SUMMARY: Steel surprises Silver when he gives him a gift. However, it is not the only way he surprises him.

FANDOM: Sherlock Holmes (Bookverse)
PAIRING: Holmes/Watson

TITLE: You Needed Me

SUMMARY: Watson had always believed himself to be a fair man; a good man; a man who played by the rules and then came the day he returned to Baker Street to find Holmes was missing.

TITLE: Eternally Yours

SUMMARY: Watson has always known that he loved Holmes. He just hadn't realised quite how deep that love went.

FANDOM: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
PAIRING: Napoleon/Illya

TITLE: Just Another Assignment

SUMMARY: The ward of an old and close friend of Mr. Waverly's is in trouble. Mr. Waverly puts his best team onto helping.

TITLE: Optimistic Until The End

SUMMARY:  Napoleon regains consciousness to discover Illya is missing. Despite his injuries Napoleon decides he must find and rescue Illya. However, even as he tries to stand up he realizes he can't be certain Illya was by his side.

TITLE: Virtuoso Performance

SUMMARY: A protection assignment leads Napoleon and Illya to become involved in something quite different from their usual line of work.


WORD COUNT: 68,915

STORY LENGTHS: From 3,325 to 13,930

Tags: fanfic: links

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