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Thankfully it was indeed something and nothing

Clarification on the 'LJ is starting to block users who have gay content in their journals' from no other than LJ themselves.

LJ staff here, and responsible for site policy. This rumor spreading about being blocked for posting slash/gay content is unfounded. Their IP address was temporarily blocked from accessing LiveJournal, and this sort of thing does happen due to anti-spam & anti-DDOS measures which are in place, and these unfortunately do produce some false positives and block people who shouldn't be blocked sometimes. This is completely unrelated to their journal's content, though. If there was a problem with angstytimelord's content, it wouldn't still be accessible; you'd see a message indicating that it was suspended. That didn't happen because there is no problem with their content; they haven't violated site policy. We're very anti-censorship, and while Strikethrough did happen, there's not a single person working for LiveJournal who didn't argue against that decision; the people who made it haven't worked for LiveJournal in 5+ years.

Since some concerns about Russians overtaking the site's policy have been raised, I think it's worth clarifying a few things. All content policy issues are handled by people in the U.S. Any admin tools that can be used to restrict access to content on the site are not accessible to anyone in Russia. LiveJournal's datacenter is in the U.S., not Russia. Russian law does not dictate our site policies. The extent to which the Russian government has affected site content is that we do disable access to certain entries to people who are in Russia; when this happens, we display a message that this content is inaccessible within their region. This is to accommodate a law which forces all internet service providers in Russia to block access to any website which does not comply with this. This means if we choose to not block such content in Russia, everyone in Russia gets blocked from accessing all of LiveJournal. There's an article about this law at New York Times.

I am glad it has all been clarified and sorted out and my friend is now back on LJ her IP address being unblocked.
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