Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

Drabble the sixth - Pros

TITLE: As Seasons Change
AUTHOR: Darby Brennan
PAIRING: Bodie/Doyle
GENRE: Slash
FORMAT: Drabble (100 words exactly)
WRITTEN FOR: dragonmuse who asked for a something to do with the change from Winter to Spring. I hope this is the kind of thing you expected.

Always like it when Winter's over and Spring begins to appear.

It's not just the weather getting warmer, although it's that too. Some of those stakeouts are right brass-monkey temperatures.

It's more what the warming weather does to my Ray. Or rather to his clothes. Simply put, he wears less of 'em. No pully over his shirt, or Doctor Who style scarf wound round his neck.

Means I get to ogle that gorgeous chest of his in public as well as private.

Also as Spring appears, Ray becomes more like one of my names for him. He becomes my sunshine.

Tags: fandom: the professionals, fanfic: stories

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