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Story Links - September

Herewith the links to the stories I posted during September. There were only two stories this month - but one of them was over 50,000 words, so it's not too bad. I am a bit disappointed though; I had hoped to write more in September.

FANDOM: Buffyverse
CHARACTER: Rupert Giles

TITLE: Home Is Where The Heart Is

SUMMARY: Set during Season Four. Giles tells himself that he should go home; that there is no reason for him to remain in the States.

FANDOM: Raffles
PAIRING: Raffles/Bunny

TITLE: Opening The Door

SUMMARY: Raffles's butler insists he employ a new valet. One of the men who apply for the job is, much to his surprise, known to Raffles. After he explains his reasons for needing the job, Raffles agrees to employ him and it isn't long before Raffles realises he wants far more. However, for once he's not entirely certain how to go about getting it.


WORD COUNT: 55,835

STORY LENGTHS: From 2,150 to 53,685

Tags: fanfic: links

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