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Fanfic Challenges - Another One Completed

I have completed another Fanfic Challenge - narrative_x_10 for Raffles/Bunny

Raffles/Bunny Narrative x 10 Table


First story posted: 17th December 2012
Last story posted: 18th September 2013

It took me longer than I had originally thought it would take me. However, that's partly because I gave myself an additional challenge that all ten stories had to be at least 15,000 words long. And I did complete another Raffles/Bunny challenge during this period.

Word counts:

Total # of words: 252,965
Longest story: 53,685
Shortest story: 17,150
Average story length: 25,297

Story ratings:

PG-13 = 01
R = 09

And the kind Mod has already made me a banner *g*

Tags: fandom: raffles, fanfic challenges, fanfic challenges: completed, pairing (slash): raffles/bunny

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