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Thirty Days Buffy Meme. Day #20 - Best Spike-centric episode

Duly snaggled from this_years_me.

As we have recently embarked on yet another re-watch of Buffy, I thought it would be a good time to do this meme.

Day #01: Favourite season
Day #02: Favourite episode
Day #03: Favourite song used in an episode
Day #04: Favourite female character
Day #05: Least favourite female character
Day #06: Favourite male character
Day #07: Least favourite male character
Day #08: Favourite friendship
Day #09: Favourite romance
Day #10: Least favourite season
Day #11: Least favourite romance
Day #12: Least favourite episode
Day #13: Favourite potential slayer
Day #14: Favourite female villain
Day #15: Favourite male villain
Day #16:Episode you like that everyone else hates - Favourite piece of monologue
Day #17: Character you relate to the most
Day #18: Character who didn’t get enough screen time
Day #19: Character you like that everyone else hatesMost amusing scene
Day #20: Best Spike-centric episode
Day #21: Best Willow-centric episode
Day #22: Best Xander-centric episode
Day #23: Two characters you wanted to get together that never did
Day #24: Favourite example of 90s special effects
Day #25: Favourite Buffyverse saying
Day #26: Favourite Scooby moment
Day #27: Cutest moment
Day #28: Character you love to hate
Day #29: Episode you hate that everyone else loves
Day #30: What you think made Buffy so great

Day #20: Best Spike-centric episode

To be honest I had to Google 'Spike-centric episodes' as off-hand none came to mind. Well one did, but once I'd Googled and checked BuffyWorld, I discovered that actually Spike is hardly in the episode - even though it was the one where he got his soul back.

So I am going with 'Pangs' from Season Four.

It's the episode in which Buffy wants to host the perfect Thanksgiving dinner at Giles's home; where Spike gets thrown out of his own crypt by Harmony and goes to Giles and Buffy for help and spends the dinner tied to a chair; where Xander accidentally releases Native American vengeance spirit and Angel comes to Sunnydale to protect Buffy - but without her knowing, except Xander (as he so often does) opens his mouth and lets it slip that Angel is/was in Sunnydale.

The dinner in particular stays in my mind with Spike tied to the chair and the battle happening, Spike falling over, chair and all, and the immortal line 'What happened? Did we win?' And once more the Scoobies have a vampire on their side - even though it's fair to say it wasn't totally out of choice, but out of necessity given Spike couldn't actually bite anyone.

It was a fun episode with good parts for all concerned and I really did enjoy Spike in this one.
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