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Thirty Days Buffy Meme. Day #06 - Favourite male character

Duly snaggled from this_years_me.

As we have recently embarked on yet another re-watch of Buffy, I thought it would be a good time to do this meme.

Day #01: Favourite season
Day #02: Favourite episode
Day #03: Favourite song used in an episode
Day #04: Favourite female character
Day #05: Least favourite female character
Day #06: Favourite male character
Day #07: Least favourite male character
Day #08: Favourite friendship
Day #09: Favourite romance
Day #10: Least favourite season
Day #11: Least favourite romance
Day #12: Least favourite episode
Day #13: Favourite potential slayer
Day #14: Favourite female villain
Day #15: Favourite male villain
Day #16: Episode you like that everyone else hates
Day #17: Character you relate to the most
Day #18: Character who didn’t get enough screen time
Day #19: Character you like that everyone else hates
Day #20: Best Spike-centric episode
Day #21: Best Willow-centric episode
Day #22: Best Xander-centric episode
Day #23: Two characters you wanted to get together that never did
Day #24: Favourite example of 90s special effects
Day #25: Favourite Buffyverse saying
Day #26: Favourite Scooby moment
Day #27: Cutest moment
Day #28: Character you love to hate
Day #29: Episode you hate that everyone else loves
Day #30: What you think made Buffy so great

Day #06: Favourite male character

Probably the easiest question thus far:

Rupert Giles is my favourite character. I love him.

Well what's not to love? He's a librarian (books!); he's highly intelligent; he has an accent to die for; his clothes (yes, they may be somewhat stuffy to some but don't forget I love smartly dressed men), and to me he's also darn good looking - sexy even. And then when we throw in his magical powers that develop over the series - well, what more could one ask for?

American show writers don't always write British people well, because they have this wonderful stereotype about us that really isn't true. And yes, in some small way Giles is in part that stereotype, but it's balanced so well with the non-stereotype and he's written so brilliantly that it just works perfectly.

I love how he's a father not just to Buffy, but to Willow and Xander as well and how he grows to realise this - talk about getting a family of teenagers. I love how he doesn't 'get' pop culture or all the other things Buffy & co. love, but gradually has to accept that it is going to be part of his world - because Buffy & co. are part of his world. Hey, I even love how much of a technophobe he is *g*

I love his little habit with his glasses and his shyness and gentleness and caring and then you see the other Giles - not just Ripper, but the Giles who will fight for what he cares for. The Giles who stands up to Principle Snyder *shudders* he was jolly scary in the wee scene.

He is pretty much everything I love about a character  - he's almost my perfect man *g* Except perfection doesn't exist and who would want it anyway? But Giles is just . . .

Did I mention I adore him?
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