Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

It's the time of year again

The time of year when my passion for writing is challenged by my love of watching tennis in general and one player in particular. Yes, we are into the time of year when here in the UK we actually get televised tennis for five weeks out of the next six.

First the French Open; then Queen's; then in effect a week off (although there is a women's tournament in the UK, it isn't shown much on TV) and then Wimbledon.

I settled down today to watch 'my' boy *g* in what I thought would be a nice, straight-forward, straight-sets win in a couple of hours at the most. But no, as I was watching, Rafa had to make it hard, didn't he? *g* Actually, to be fair it wasn't that he made it hard, it was that his opponent played out of his socks certainly for the first set and most of the second as well and in fact took the first set, meaning it had to go to four.

The second set went to a tie-break and as tie-breaks tend to favour the bigger server and the man playing Rafa (Daniel Brands of Germany) was a big man with a huge serve, thus I really did think it would be two sets to love against Rafa. But somehow and I was watching and I'm not quite sure how he did it, especially not after going down a mini-break with his first serve Rafa won. And then in a fairly easy manner won the next two sets to win the match.

So naturally I'm happy - even if it did take longer than I'd anticipated.

I do hate tennis on ITV though due to the advert breaks at every change of ends - I know that's common certainly in the US, but it takes some getting used to here.

Don't worry, I won't be posting about tennis every day for the next six week - honestly, I won't.
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