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Colour Bars

Those of you on ncis_gibbsducky will have seen these.

I've been playing around and have created several Gibbs/Ducky colour bars (more than several actually, I got a tad carried away once I'd discovered how to make them *g*)

Behind the cut are some examples. Some are the traditional colour bar, others something a little different.

Please feel free to take and use as and if you wish to. I have each bar in each colour set, both with and without text, so if you see a set of pictures you like, but the colour scheme you prefer isn't shown, just ask and I'll send it to you.

Other news.

I think that I can say for the first time in far too long that I'm not waking up as exhausted as I feel when I go to bed. Hence, my intention is to start to reply to my over-full inbox either tomorrow or Wednesday. Thanks to those of you to whom I owe an email (or two or three) for your patience.

Note to Jethro and Ducky: You will have to play nicely by yourselves for a few days, I need to spend time with my friends. Okay, okay, so the men in white coats still haven't brought the van for me.

Parents have a car, well, they've bought it. The man who owns the garage is going to kindly bring it over for them, hopefully this coming weekend. He says it gives his wife and himself an excuse to call to see our neighbours (who are good friends of theirs). But even so, we're talking sixty miles each way, so we all think it's really kind of them.

My parents can't get over how kind and nice and helpful everyone is, and that people, perfect strangers, actually speak to them or nod at them in the street. Father says it reminds him of how people were when he was a child and a young man, when they had time for one another.

Oh, and because we Brits (apparently) always mention the weather, forecast is for snow tonight/tomorrow.
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