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Zonked and serendipity

If I thought I was tired before, I was mistaken.

I should have remembered that as with all things, you keep going whilst things are happening. It's only when the stress, etc. is taken away that it really hits you.

The stress, etc. associated with my parents move with which we've been living for over six weeks now, has now pretty much abated. They now finally have their gas cooker up, connected and working, and J got Mother's computer up and connected yesterday, (so with the exception of him needing to deal with the broadband modem and splitters when they come that is now done). Thus apart from getting them fixed up with a car, which should just be a trip to look at the one that should be okay, and a few bits and pieces, everything is done. They've even got some pictures up.

Actually the saga with the gas cooker turned out to be serendipitous, as when the gas engineer went under the house to reconnect the supply he discovered that the radiator in the hall was leaking badly (they hadn't noticed as the carpet had absorbed it), and also that when the walk-in shower had been put in for the person who'd lived in the property before my parents, the waste trap hadn't been connected up, so all the water was going into the foundations!

And now we're both zonked and utterly exhausted, and life is moving at an even slower pace than usual. Mother is also exhausted, she's been overdoing it and trying to get too much done, so as not to leave too much for J to do. I know she's tired as she's just rung me for me to confirm something that they had already decided.

Anyway, so just to let you know I am alive (well I'm breathing) and all is 'well'. doylebaby, I did get your email yesterday and I'll catch up with you and everyone else in due course, when my mind decides to function at that level again.

This whole move of theirs really has been far more tiring and stressful than our own move. But hopefully, things will perk up in a day or two and normal service will once more be resumed.
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