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First sentence meme

Snaggled from sharpiesgal (and tweaked very slightly).

Post the first sentence from your last twenty-one fics.

01. Tony sat at his desk frowning at the information on his computer screen - or rather frowning at the lack of information.  (NCIS - Team Gen. Respect Has To Be Earned)

02. "Hey, Ziva, what kind of wedding do you want?" (NCIS - DiNozzo/Ziva. Just Another Day)

03. Tony hurried into Autopsy and looked around him; he gave a sigh of relief when he saw that Ducky was alone.  (NCIS - DiNozzo/Ziva. Not Quite According To Plan)

04. Gibbs woke up and stretched before turning to look at the bed next to him; it was empty. (NCIS - Gibbs/Ducky; Abby/McGee. Once A Child)

05. Tim had to confess that Jimmy didn't look particularly reassured and in truth Tim couldn't blame him because even though he was smiling in a reassuring way, he wasn't feeling very reassured.  (NCIS - McGee/Palmer. What To Do)

06. I awoke and blinked as more sunlight than was usual hit my eyes. (Raffles - Raffles/Bunny. I Remembered)

07. Tim smoothed his hair down for the third time, straightened his jacket for the fourth time, checked his wallet for the five time and then looked down at himself, moistened his lips, swallowed hard and pushed open the door and went into the rather elegant looking foyer. (NCIS - McGee/Palmer. Are You Dancing?)

08. Kate let herself into her apartment and closed the door behind her; for a moment she leaned against it and closed her eyes. (NCIS - Kate. Kate's Choice)

09. We stood together on the top step of Lord and Lady Bellington's house, having just left their ball. (Raffles - Raffles/Bunny. In Bunny's Hands)

10. Despite being back in my rooms, in my bed for over an hour, my beloved rabbit is still chilled, trembling and clinging to me in the way he hasn’t clung to me since we were at school. (Raffles - Raffles/Bunny. Because I Love Him)

11. If I had not seen it myself, I would never have believed it. I never thought the day would come when Raffles would be afeared of anything or anyone. (Raffles - Raffles/Bunny. Quest For A Rabbit)

12. There is one story from our school days which Bunny cannot tell, because he was unconscious for much of it.  (Raffles - Raffles/Bunny. Caring About Bunny)

13. "I am sorry, my dear Bunny," Raffle said, his fingers brushing my hair back from my forehead, it was something he used to do several times a day during out two years at school together; it was a gesture which I found incredibly intimate. (Raffles - Raffles/Bunny. Gentlemen Can Be Players)

14. Zap! (The Man From U.N.C.L.E - Napoleon/Illya. Rescuing Bunny)

15. Silver was bored; actually Silver was very bored; actually Silver was extremely bored; actually Silver was more bored than he could ever remember being; actually Silver was beyond just being bored - he was . . .  (Sapphire & Steel - Silver/Steel. Learning About Steel)

16. The door to Captain Dobey's office opened and a girl (woman, Starsky reminded himself) slipped inside. (Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch. Taking Care)

17. I had been back in Baker Street, back by Holmes's side, for some six weeks when Holmes was brought the 'Seven Percent Solution' case. (Sherlock Holmes (Bookverse) - Holmes/Watson. Everything Will Be All Right)

18. It was the last day of the year and Gibbs was finalizing the list of cases solved that year by him and his team. (NCIS - Team. Resolution)

19. "Good morning, Dr. Pierce," a young nurse said as she passed Hawkeye. (M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ. Dying Is Not An Option)

20. The sound of his cell phone ringing woke Gibbs instantly. (NCIS - Gibbs/Ducky. What Some People Do)

21. Napoleon walked into the office he shared with his partner; Illya's head was bent over a file he was reading and annotating and he didn't even look up to acknowledge Napoleon. (The Man From U.N.C.L.E - Napoleon/Illya. Something Quite Different)

Hmmm, well that's quite the mixture of fandoms, pairings and genres - mainly because of the alphabet meme I did during the first few months of the year. Well that was fun - what can I get up to next?
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