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Oh look

The new meant to be all singing, all dancing so much better than before Profile page has become live and official *sighs*

I really do wish LJ would learn 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

The new page is actually not all bad. There are some things that are useful/potentially useful but there really wasn't anything wrong with the old one - well not in my opinion.

The most irksome part for me (apart from the font) is the new way Friends and Communities are displayed, or rather not displayed until you click on the -- at the end at which point it in effect opens another page to show you all your friends and you then have to go back and do the same if you want to view all your communities. I search my flist fairly often if I want to go to someone's journal, so I now have to go through another step rather than just type the name into my search box in Opera.

Oh, LJ, LJ, LJ . . .  Why?

And how long before the dreaded new friends list comes into being? Fairly soon I fear as we have 'View Friends' Feed' as a clickable option on the new profile page :-(
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