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Alphabet Meme 2013 - All Done

All stories for the Alphabet Meme 2013 have now been posted.

I set myself a tentative deadline for having all stories posted of 31st March. Er, somehow winter madness hit me and I ended up actually getting everything written and posted by 27th February - which I must confess surprises even me. No wonder I'm a wee bit tired *g* I also said that every story would be at least 1,000 words. It turned out that with one exception, every story was at least 2,000 words long.

In total I wrote forty-one stories (one for each letter of the alphabet and two for A, B, C, E, F, G, H, I, M, N, R, S, T, U, W)

- 09 people
- 11 fandoms
- 20 characters/pairings
- 161,450 words written
- Length of shortest story: 1,380
- Length of longest story: 17,150
- First story posted 14th January
- Last story posted 27th February
- Number of days taken to complete all stories: 45 (well that was in terms of posting, I actually wrote them all in 42 days)

- 03 Gen
- 05 Het
- 33 Slash

- 03 Gen
- 02 First Time Het
- 03 Established Relationship Het
- 17 First Time Slash
- 16 Established Relationship Slash

Powers Stronger Than They (Buffy/Angel). For doylebaby F - For old time's sake
Vows To Be Kept (Giles). For birggitt B - By the fire

All He Can Do. For birggitt Y - Yesterday
Until The End Of Time. For birggitt U - Unexpected journey

X-Rated Films. For doylebaby D - Danger

M*A*S*H (02)
Because I Love You. For birggitt R - Return
Dying Is Not An Option. For birggitt X - Xerox copy

NCIS (16)
A Kiss Is Never Just A Kiss (McGee/Palmer). For angstytimelord K - Kiss
Are We Dating? (DiNozzo/Palmer). For sexycazzy M - Movies
Charlie's Graduation (Gibbs/Ducky). For birggitt M - Moving in the right direction
Day Of Remembrance (Gibbs/Palmer). For sexycazzy A - Anniversary
Ducky And The FBI Man (Gibbs/Ducky). For duckys_lady B - Because of you
Never Completely Off Duty (Abby/McGee). For aries11 Q - Quirks
Never Say Never (McGee/Palmer). For angstytimelord N - Never say never
Resolution (Team Gen). For birggitt N - New Year's Resolutions
Snow Hits DC (Team Gen). For sharpiesgal S - Sleep over
Talk Of The Squad Room (Ziva/Jeanne). For birggitt G - Gossip
Thinking About Tony (DiNozzo/McGee). For birggitt H - Holding back
Time Is Precious (Gibbs/Ducky). For duckys_lady R - Rare moments
What Have I Done? (DiNozzo/Abby). For sexycazzy T - Terrified
Watching And Wanting (DiNozzo/McGee). For birggitt E - Ergonomics
What Some People Do (Gibbs/Ducky). For birggitt V - Varnish
You Can't Have It All (Abby/McGee). For birggitt F - Flu

Across Worlds. For caffyolay G - Ghost in the library
Gentlemen Can Be Players. For birggitt P - Players
Making Things Right. For caffyolay C - Cutting Bunny's hair
Not What He Had Intended. For birggitt C - Custard tarts

Handled By The Forces. For birggitt I - Irregularities
Learning About Steel. For birggitt L - Laughing

Everything Will Be All Right. For birggitt S - Seven percent solution
For Watson. For birggitt A - Atonement

Complete Turnaround. For birggitt U - U-Turn
If You Don't Ask. For oasis3017 O - On a day in December
Taking Care. For birggitt J - Jailbait
With My Eyes Open. For birggitt E - Eyes wide open

Just In Time. For duckys_lady I - In the nick of time
Rescuing Napoleon. For birggitt Z - Zap
Something Quite Different. For birggitt W - Wool
Your Property. For birggitt T - Time and again

Keeping Watch. For birggitt W - Witching hour
Out Of Habit. For birggitt H - Habitual

Thank you for requesting so many stories and for the great prompts. And thank you (again) to those who commented  - I really do appreciate each and every comment very much.

It was great fun, once again, to write stories for people to their prompts. I'm sure I shall do this again next year.

And just because I can *g* I'm going to do something slightly different this year and state which my favourite story is from each fandom.

BUFFYVERSE: Powers Stronger Than They (Buffy/Angel)
DUE SOUTH: Until The End Of Time
INSPECTOR LYNLEY: X-Rated Films (Okay this was the only story for this fandom, but it's my favourite *g*)
M*A*S*H: Because I Love You
NCIS: Snow Hits DC (Team Gen)
RAFFLES: Across Worlds
SAPPHIRE & STEEL: Handled By The Forces
STARSKY & HUTCH: If You Don't Ask
THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.: Just In Time
Tags: !memes/quizes, !memes: fanfic/fandom

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