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Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Well all-knowing flist *g*

If you have it set so that the Navigation Bar shows at the top of your journal, when LJ makes some 'big' announcement (i.e. earlier in the month about the slowness issues) it appears beneath the Navigation Bar. Most recently and for some time what has appeared is the message about using the old (or new if you happen to like it) flist and if you want to change to the new (or old) click on the link.

Well today I managed to accidentally close that wee message bar. I caught the X with my touch-pad (I sometimes hate my touch-pad) and it closed. And I can't get it back despite trying several things including logging out of LJ and back in again (with clearing my cache/history/etc. of course) and turning the Nav Bar off and back on again.

I'm really hoping someone here can help me with this because I've tried several things including searching the FAQs all to no avail - and I really do want it back. If all else fails I can open a support request, but I thought I'd ask my all-knowing flist first.
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