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The first meme of 2013

From blogthings

You Are an eBook

You are more of an eBook type, even if you haven't made the transition fully yet.

You like reading as much as the next paper book fan, if not more. You are dedicated to reading a lot.

In fact, you read so much that you really can appreciate the ease of eBooks. At this point, paper books slow you down.

For you, there is nothing better than being able to get a new book cheaply and easily. You never know when the reading bug is going to strike you.

Given my almost complete conversion from print books to eBooks this rather amused me and for the most part it's pretty true. Although I have to say that I've never really bothered about getting books as cheaply as possible as I used to buy a lot of hard-back books, especially for series I knew I was going to read over and over again. I love hard-back books.
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