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Story Links - December

I see LJ is in the same state as it was when I left it almost twelve hours ago. In fact for me it's worse. It took over six minutes to load my flist and when I try to reply to entries it's throwing up an error message more often than not and for the most part won't let me get to my own LJ to reply to comments *Prods it hard* So if I don't get to reply to your post or your comment it's not through lack of trying.

I shall keep trying for a while at least. Our neighbours will probably be popping round this afternoon as they usually do on New Year's Day for a drink so we'll have our New Year's lunch tomorrow.

Herewith links to stories posted during December.

GENRE: Slash

TITLE: Breaking With Tradition (Gibbs/Ducky)

SUMMARY: Ducky decides he wants to do something different for Christmas.

TITLE: Hunting (Gibbs/Ducky)

SUMMARY: Gibbs arrives at Ducky's house to find him looking for something and makes a silent promise.

TITLE: Talking It Through (McGee/Palmer)

SUMMARY: A sequel to Being Brave. It's the day after Tim kissed Jimmy and ran away; both men arrive at work early, determined to see the other, but not sure how to go about it.

TITLE: Yours Or Mine? (Gibbs/Fornell)

SUMMARY: Gibbs and Fornell are having their usual Christmas 'your place or mine' discussion.

TITLE: Going Home For Christmas (Gibbs/McGee)

SUMMARY: Tim and Gibbs go to Tim's home town for Christmas.

TITLE: Trespassing (McGee/Fornell)

SUMMARY: Set after Devil's Trifecta. Gibbs gets a second visitor and takes advantage of his old friend status to ask a question.

FANDOM: Raffles
PAIRING: Raffles/Bunny

TITLE: Christmas Past And Present

SUMMARY: It's a week before Christmas and Bunny's life is nearly perfect. As he remembers a Christmas some seventeen years ago, he realises there is only one thing would make it even better. To his surprise Raffles insists accept his editor's invitation to lunch - but that is not the only surprise Raffles has for his rabbit.

TITLE: Just For The Summer?

SUMMARY: It's the beginning of the twentieth century and Bunny finding himself tiring of London follows the advice of an acquaintance and leaves London for the summer. To his surprise and delight he is reunited with Raffles. An inevitable relationship begins between them but what will happen when the summer comes to an end and it is time for Bunny to return to London?

TITLE: Something Different For New Year's Eve

SUMMARY: Raffles puts a proposition to Bunny.


WORD COUNT: 85,870

STORY LENGTHS: 500 to 40,115
Tags: fandom: ncis, fandom: raffles, pairing (slash): gibbs/ducky, pairing (slash): gibbs/fornell, pairing (slash): gibbs/mcgee, pairing (slash): mcgee/fornell, pairing (slash): mcgee/palmer, pairing (slash): raffles/bunny

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