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I've done it!!!!!!

My Gibbs/Ducky mood theme is now in use.

It's not perfect, but for a first attempt at this kind of thing I am very chuffed with myself.

Thanks to all of you on my f-list who helped me with my various questions, in particular maubast and goodnightlady, who both sent me some very useful information.

And a 'warning' to my ncis_gibbsducky, I shall be inflicting sharing this with you all in due course. However, unfortunately I can't use the nice console for a Comm (or so the FAQs say/imply), so I'll have to do it the long way.

Oh, and the gorgeous icon with this post is the other one that the lovely crimson_37 made for me.

IMPORTANT EDIT: I inadvertently omitted to give credit for the screen caps I used in making this theme. I apologise for this oversight.

They came from a variety of sources mainly: dj_capslock, bunny_pics, toomuchfandom and bluster. Thank you to all of you for sharing these images.
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