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Fiction Meme - 2012

I am going to continue my tradition of rounding up the year by doing this meme.

Previous years can be found here:

Fanfiction - 2005
Fanfiction - 2006
Fanfiction - 2007 & the Addenda
Fanfiction - 2008
Fanfiction - 2009
Fanfiction - 2010
Fanfiction - 2011



Buffy/Angel (01)
Zealous Willow

Rupert Giles (02)
Ethan's Return
Yuletide Musings

DUE SOUTH - Fraser/Vecchio (02)
The Orange Shirt
The Things You Do For Love

INSPECTOR LYNLEY - Lynley/Havers (04)
One For One
Questioning Himself
Ready To Take A Chance
She Can Do It

M*A*S*H - Hawkeye/BJ (02)
Lying To Himself
Promises Kept

A Myth (Ducky)
All Sewn Up (Gibbs & DiNozzo)
Bored Now (DiNozzo & McGee)
By The Light Of The Moon (Ducky)
By Way Of An Apology (DiNozzo & McGee)
Circle Of Life (DiNozzo)
Conflicting Thoughts (Gibbs & Vance)
Decision Time (DiNozzo & McGee)
End Of The Mallards (Ducky)
Fragmentation (Gibbs)
If Only . . . (Gibbs)
In The Cards (Abby & Ziva)
In Tim's Opinion (Gibbs & McGee)
Lost Everything (Ray Cruz)
Mother Love (Jeanne Benoit)
Never Again (Ziva)
New Life (DiNozzo)
Nothing Annoys Them More (Ducky & Jimmy)
Opinion Sought (Gibbs & McGee)
Out Of Death Comes Something Good (McGee & Ziva)
Posthumously (Gibbs)
Say Goodbye To It All (Team)
Skeleton In The Closet (Gibbs & Ducky)
The Right Decision (DiNozzo)
To Friendship (DiNozzo & McGee)
Turning Over A New Leaf (DiNozzo)
Wake-Up Call (Team)
What He Has To Do (Gibbs)
Who Should It Be? (Jimmy)
Why Me? (Ducky & Jimmy)
Would It Really Be A Crime? (Ducky)


Abby/McGee (03)
Decisions To Be Made
His Weakness
What He Would Have Wanted

DiNozzo/Jeanne (01)
And Now?

DiNozzo/Ziva (13)
All He Desires
An Acceptable Cliché
At Important Times
Caught In The Middle
Eternal Triangle
Fourth Of July
His First Sight Of Her
It Will Be Worth It
Just Tony
My Hero
Sometimes You Are Wrong
Third Time Lucky?
Under Control

Kort/Jenny (02)
Her Private Pleasure
Servant Of Two Masters


Ducky/Fornell (01)
Same Time Next Week

DiNozzo/McGee (01)
Eventually He Gets It

DiNozzo/Palmer (01)
Eye Opener

Gibbs/Ducky (23)
All Choices Have Consequences
All He Has Left
Another Country
Another Doctor
A Final Family Christmas
Before His Eyes
Better Late Than Never - Or Is It?
Breaking With Tradition
Could It Be So?/a>
Cuts So Deep
Ducky, Not Illya
Going Home
Given A Second Chance
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Hurts Felt
It's Time
Making Love
Summer Loving
Thanksgiving At Reston House
Too Far?
Two Times Ducky Said No And One Time He Said Yes
What's Up, Duck?

Gibbs/Fornell (04)
Better Together Than Apart
Blame It On The Whiskey
Yours Or Mine?

Gibbs/McGee (02)
Going Home For Christmas
You Alone Can Make Me Whole

Gibbs/Palmer (01)
Love In A Strange Place

Jenny/Ziva (03)
Happiness Is . . .
Missing You
You Can Make Me Smile

McGee/Fornell (05)
Coming Clean
Dinner For Two
Treading Carefully
Wanting And Getting

McGee/Palmer (19)
A Night At The Opera
Abby's Blessing
Being Brave
Believing In Himself
Gadget For The Geek
It Must Be Love
Seeking Advice
Quiet Night In
Romance Isn't Dead
Talking It Through
Telling Gibbs
Things Overheard
To Thine Own Self Be True
Until You Came Along
Visiting Tim
Walk By Moonlight
X Or Y

Being Foolish?
Out Of Death
Too Soon?

RAFFLES - Raffles/Bunny (32)
A Simple Affair Of The Heart
All Or Nothing
Anything For You
Bunny's First Kiss
Close Call
Christmas Past And Present
Don't Deny Me
Evermore With You
For Him Whom I Love
Gaining Knowledge
Hard Habit To Break
He Will Pay
It Happens
Just For The Summer?
Keeping Possession
Lost Innocence
Making A Choice
Name Your Crime
Questioning Raffles
Something Different For New Year's Eve
Stories From School
Tired Of Waiting
Unexpected Courage
Verily I Love You
Watching Over You
XII Years To The Day
You Only Have To Ask
Your Man
Zealous Bunny

SAPPHIRE & STEEL - Silver/Steel (04)
My Shield And My Shelter
Opposites Attract
Quest For Two
The Language Of Love

Winter Reflections

STARSKY & HUTCH - Starsky/Hutch (02)
I Remember L. A.
Detective Kenneth Hutchinson Lost

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon/Illya (03)
Illya's Via Dolorosa
Purple Prose

THE PROFESSIONALS - Bodie/Doyle (01)
A Cut-Back Too Far



Total Number of Stories: 167

Total Word count: 468,338

Shortest story: 500 words

Longest story: 66,545 words

Drabbles 100 words exactly: None

Stories 101 - 1,000 words: 88

Stories 1,001 - 5,000 words: 61

Stories 5,001 - 10,000 words: 09

Stories 10,001 - 25,000 words 06

Stories 25,001 - 50,000 words 02

Stories 50,001 - 100,000 words 01

Stories over 100,000 words: None

Average length of story: 2,804 words

Story Ratings:

G =  61

PG = 66

PG-13 = 22

R = 18


Stories already written but not yet posted:



Serious ones, as in actually started with more than a sentence or two, then half a dozen. I have ideas where I've scribbled down a few sentences for the plot for about twenty stories.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

More - quite a lot more, actually. I signed up to do getyourwordsout and pledged to write 250,000 words - of which I roughly guessed c. 50,00 would be non-fiction (that didn't turn out to be the case it was fewer words than that due to me giving up writing NCIS reviews). I'd hoped I'd write more than 200,000 words of fiction and even though I did only pledge 250,000 my personal aim was to get very near to 350,000 (the then highest pledge).

I hit 250,000 in June so set myself a personal goal of ending the year with 500,000 - although to be honest I really didn't expect to get to that given I had stopped writing NCIS episode reviews. But I did hit the 500,000 mark overall and was more than a bit chuffed with the 468,338 of fiction. It even surpasses my previous highest annual word count in 2008 which included the 125,957 story I wrote for NaNoWriMo.

In fact I wrote more than 250,000 words for one pairing (Raffles/Bunny). In fact I wrote 313,585 words for this pairing alone!

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2011?

Well I guess by now I should stop saying 'I won't add any more NCIS pairings' as inevitably I do. And indeed this year I added two more:

- McGee/Fornell (which was suggested to me by Ember Reads - someone who sadly is no longer on LJ). I'd never thought about the pairing before, but once I did I realised how well it worked and I wrote a few stories.

- And Ziva/Jeanne (this pairing I came across when I read a story by olivia_j and just thought: 'this works' and so I wrote it).

I also did indeed write something I never, ever thought I'd write: I wrote school boy kissing (Raffles/Bunny) and if that wasn't enough I even wrote school boy (again Raffles/Bunny) fully consensual, for the era legal (putting aside homosexuality wasn't actually legal) school boy touching. And they (well the kissing) wasn't a one off - but I'm still more than a little bemused, surprised and almost in denial (no, not really) that I actually ventured out into writing such a thing.

And if that wasn't enough, I also wrote a couple of supernatural Raffles/Bunny stories - again a sub-genre I have had never though I'd write.

And a ::coughs:: Bunny in a frock story - yes, you read that correctly. But that has a basis in canon *Nods* Bunny does don a frock in one of the Raffles stories.

And (yes another 'and') outdoor sex - yes again Raffles/Bunny. This pairing really has done strange things to me this year *g* In fact I have written a lot more non-fade to grey stories this year than I have done for quite a number of years and most of them have been Raffles/Bunny. They aren't NC-17 rated, but they are R rated - quite a branching out for me.

Did you take any writing risks this year? (See above for unexpected pairings, etc.) What did you learn from them?

Well, yes, for me certainly writing school boy kissing and school boy touching was a huge, huge risk as well as a huge, huge surprise. It's a sub-genre that has never appealed to me before, not even when it has been consensual, indeed I always found it a tad odd - even though of course it goes on in real life (and the same has always applied to school boy/school girl kissing and touching, it's not just the slash thing). It has just never appealed to me, I never saw the attraction, I guess.

However, all that changed when I started to write Raffles/Bunny or I should say given I've dabbled with them for years, seriously write Raffles/Bunny. They were school boys together as boarders at a public school in mid-Victorian England and were close, despite the age difference and the fact that Bunny was Raffles's fag. And somehow as I wrote them as adults, references to their school days and how close they'd been (albeit not in the kissing or sexual sense) crept into the stories - it's canon *shrugs* And then one night I actually had a dream about them kissing and despite telling myself I wasn't going to write the story I found I wanted to write it; so I did and then I wrote another one and then another and then thanks to my good enabler (caffyolay) I dared to think about and even more daringly write) them doing more than just kissing.

And I found I really enjoyed writing it - again that surprises me and if I'm honest I don't really understand why I enjoy writing it, but I do. It gives me a lot of pleasure and I don't feel strange writing it or as if I'm doing something wrong. I think my enjoyment comes from the fact that we are talking about a different era, the whole Victorian public school thing just seems to lend itself more than modern day books/shows/films would - at least for me. And the big, big, big thing - the most important thing (well putting aside the canon aspect) is that it is fully and totally consensual.

Writing supernatural stories was a bit of a risk as it's not a sub-genre I have ever tackled and to be honest it's not something I read - so I wasn't certain if I'd be able to pull it off or if it would work and fit the genre. However, the lovely caffyolay who has written this type of story and written it wonderfully well and does read this type of story quite a lot assured me the stories did indeed work and work very well.

Cross-dressing was indeed another gamble as again it's not something that I've ever written, something I ever thought I'd write or something that has really appealed to me. Having said that I have read a few cross-dressing stories that have worked for me - but I wasn't certain I could write something and make it work and not come across as silly and unbelievable.  However, I personally think it works; I'm happy with it and when it comes down to it that's what matters, right?

What have I learnt? Er, well the age-old 'never say never' *g* But seriously, that I can push the boundaries of my writing and branch out into something I had never thought I would, something that had never appealed to me, and actually get a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment out of it. And to me getting enjoyment and pleasure out of writing is what it is all about; writing what I enjoy writing is what's important.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

Nothing that specific other than to finish my claims for: mission_insane (NCIS general series; I have 34 stories left to write) and narrative_x_10 (Raffles/Bunny; I have eight stories left to write).

I'd also like to write more longer stories (more stories over 10,000 words) and possibly none shorter than 1,000 words (which I know in effect means I'm giving up on ncis_drabble, which makes me feel a little sad as it's my comm).

Other than that, just to go on writing and enjoying what I'm writing.


This year I've cut out some of the questions as my answers are always 'none'.

My favourite story this year. Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest:

NCIS: Thanksgiving At Reston House (Gibbs/Ducky).
Gibbs notices how unhappy Ducky is and sets out to solve the problem. It puts 'right' something that I still really disliked from canon. Ducky is unhappy and Gibbs goes out of his way to sort it out. It does also have something of a supernatural theme to it.

RAFFLES: Part of me can't believe I'm going with this but it's: Stories From School.
As the title implies the vast majority of the story is set during their school days - and with the exception of the final story whilst they are at school it is gen *shakes head*. It was the story that caused me the most problems when it came to 'classifying' it as for the most part it is gen, with the exception of the prologue, the epilogue and the final chapter. It deals with their first meeting and how Raffles took Bunny as his fag (and gave him the name 'Bunny') and through their two years together and how their relationship developed and became closer and closer.

OTHER: Zealous Willow (Buffy/Angel - Buffyverse).
This is set sometime in the future when Buffy is 40. She is dying from an illness no doctor can name or help. Willow is the one who calls Angel back to help as she believes he is the only person to be able to help Buffy; to be able to save her - even if that costs Angel his life; a life that if it comes to it Willow herself will take. I really like this story even though it wasn't easy to write and contains some dark themes and is very angsty. It is Buffy/Angel, but only in the way canon gave us Buffy/Angel, and there isn't even a kiss; the actual story itself is Buffy, Willow and Angel gen, with just a reference to the love Buffy and Angel had for one another.

My best story this year:

NCIS: Ducky, Not Illya (Gibbs/Ducky).
Ducky is the victim of several attacks. The story involves (as one might guess from the title) a very slight cross-over with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Gibbs sets out to find out who is trying to hurt Ducky - and more importantly why. I think it's my best story because it shows quite the lengths a man will go to for the man he loves.

RAFFLES: Zealous Bunny
Sometimes Bunny wonders if Raffles cares for him at all and after an evening spent watching Raffles dance with and pay attention to a particularly attractive young lady, Bunny decides to challenge Raffles. Bunny believes he is nothing more than convenient to Raffles; he couldn't be further from the truth. It's a little unlike my usual stories as it contains conflict between the two characters when they are already in an established relationship.

OTHER: She Can Do It (Lynley/Havers - Inspector Lynley)
Tommy and Barbara are sent undercover as husband and wife. Barbara has to use all her skills and then some, not just in pretending to be Tommy's wife, but also in learning (quickly) how to behave in Tommy's upper-class world and how to be confident and comfortable. Tommy has faith in her and he has to help Barbara have faith in herself.

Story most under appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

NCIS: Just Tony(DiNozzo/Ziva).
Ziva is suspicious when Tony buys champagne. To my mind this is probably the best DiNozzo/Ziva story I wrote in 2012 and even one of my best NCIS stories, yet despite having a number of DiNozzo/Ziva fans on my f-list it only received one comment. I think it shows them and their relationship in a very honest, very 'them' way: it shows love and conflict.

RAFFLES: For Him Whom I Love
Set in the twentieth century. Harry's wife tells a surprising story. Maybe the summary put people off; it's one of my supernatural stories and I know it worked because the person who did comment on it loved it. It's very angsty and made me tear up on more than one occasion when writing it.

OTHER: Ethan's Return (Giles - Buffyverse).
Ethan is back in town and of course trouble isn't far behind him. With Buffy, Willow and Xander out of town, it falls to Giles and Angel to sort things out. It's a story that involves some cultural and historical references to Dionysus. It took quite a bit of research and was very enjoyable to write and I think it's a good story.

Most sexy story:

NCIS: You Can Make Me Smile (Jenny/Ziva)
Jenny takes a rare day off. There isn't a great deal of sex in it, not the beginning to end type of sex, but I still think it fits the bill.

RAFFLES: Close Call
Inspector Mackenzie nearly triumphs - but not at the burglary game. And in doing so surprises both Raffles and Bunny. It's not quite a PWP, but for one of my stories there is quite a lot of sex involved from beginning to end.

OTHER: None of my 'Other' stories were sexy.

Story with single sexiest moment:

NCIS: Making Love (Gibbs/Ducky)
The fifth part of the Testing Friendship series. Ducky has made his decision. We have a shower scene in this story *g*

RAFFLES: Don't Deny Me.
An afternoon on the river leads to other things. This involves outdoor sex.

OTHER: None of my 'Other' stories contained any sexy moment.

Story with single sweetest moment:

This is never an easy question to answer as I do tend to 'do' sweet (well when I'm not doing dark angst and death *g*).

NCIS: Romance Isn't Dead (McGee/Palmer)
Tim and Jimmy have been living together for several months, but Tim decides he wants more. And in true Tim way he goes about getting it.

RAFFLES: Christmas Past And Present.
It's a week before Christmas and Bunny's life is nearly perfect. As he remembers a Christmas some seventeen years ago, he realises there is only one thing would make it even better. To his surprise Raffles insists accept his editor's invitation to lunch - but that is not the only surprise Raffles has for his rabbit.Actually, this has a double whammy of sweet moments, one school boy and one adult. I'm going to go with the adult one: Raffles surprising Bunny by decorating their rooms for Christmas.

OTHER: A Cut-Back Too Far (Bodie/Doyle - The Professionals)
Set in 1996. Doyle is now Controller of CI5 and Bodie is in charge of training, especially in weapons. The Home Secretary is set on making cut-backs to CI5's budgets and comes up with a plan to replace all the cars with the new Ford Ka.It's not 'sweet' in any traditional sense, but at the very end of what is a fun story Bodie and Doyle are in Doyle's office and for a moment sit and gaze at one another with their fingers entwined.

Biggest Surprise:

NCIS: Lost Everything (Ray Cruz)
Set after A Desperate Man. Ray knows what he's lost and knows what the future holds for him. This was a surprise for me because I never thought I cared enough (one way or another) about Ray to want to write a story about him. However, once I saw the episode and knew what had to happen, I had to write the story. And it was a surprise for quite a few readers (including non-Ray-likers and DiNozzo/Ziva fen) as the story made them feel sorry for Ray.

RAFFLES: Given how much this pairing has surprised me this year, this is incredibly difficult. However, I'll go with: Gaining Knowledge.
Set during Raffles and Bunny's time at school. A storm brings down part of the ceiling in the fourth form dorm and the house master instructs the upper sixth form boy to take their fags with them to spend the night in their studies. At least that is where he had intended the younger boys to sleep.This is the school boy touching story; to reiterate it is consensual and given the era in which it is set legal in turns of age.

OTHER: Winter Reflections (Holmes/Watson - Sherlock Holmes Bookverse).
A sequel to Contentment Is Mine. It's been several months since Watson told Holmes of his true feelings for him.This came as something of a surprise as although this is a pairing I 'saw' from the first time I read the books and a pairing I have dabbled with over the years, I never really thought anything other than a verbal acknowledgement of feelings between them would happen - or at least I couldn't write it. It's incredibly tame but it does involve a kiss.

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