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I'm at it again

Well it's been, let me see, about nine months (give or take) since I set up a new Fanfic Challenge community - which is a very long time *g*

So guess what?

Yep, that's right, I've got another new one. I swear it's an addiction *g*


And the object of this one is to write ten stories all from the same narrative point of view.

The POV can be first person, second person, third person or omniscient narrator.

The ten stories do not all have to be from the same person's POV they can be from ten different people's POV - they just all have to be told from the same narrative point of view.

There are no actual prompts, it really is as simple as just writing ten stories from the same narrative point of view.


Then head over to narrative_x_10 for more information.

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