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Fiction. What He Would Have Wanted (Abby/McGee)

TITLE: What He Would Have Wanted
AUTHOR: Ashleigh Anpilova
PAIRING: Abigail Sciuto/Timothy McGee
SUB-GENRE: Established Relationship
SUMMARY: Halloween used to be Abby's favorite holiday, but now she hates it.
WARNING: Major character death mentioned
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

The wind was blowing the leaves about the yard as Abby stared out of the kitchen window; she really should have raked them up, but she couldn't be bothered.

The doorbell rang but she didn't move to answer it; Tommy would answer it, he always did. He'd become quite the man of the house; at the age of eight years and four months it was he who took care of his twin brother and his little sister. He made sure they cleared their toys away, didn't shout or run around the house; he reminded Abby of important days and things. He was so like his daddy.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Tommy called, hurrying into the kitchen dragging Ziva along behind him. "It's Auntie Ziva; she's going to come trick or treating with us. Mommy?" He came to a stop and stared at Abby and then at the witch's outfit he'd helped her choose which lay draped over the chair. His shoulders dropped and his smile vanished. "Don't you feel well, Mommy?" he finally asked, his voice contained so much disappointment that for a moment Abby felt as if he'd stuck a knife into her.

"Go and see if Benny and Evie are ready, Tommy," Ziva said firmly, turning Tommy and gently pushing him towards the kitchen door.

"Yes, Auntie Ziva."

"Get dressed." Ziva's voice was flat.

"Ziva, I know I said I would, but I can't. I just -"

"Abigail McGee, get dressed. You are not going to let your children down. Not today. You promised them you would take them trick or treating. You promised, Abby. You cannot break a promise to them." The look she gave Abby was hard, then she sighed and her face softened as she walked towards Abby and put her arms around her. "Tim would want you to go," she said softly. "He always loved how much your loved Halloween."

"It's a year, Ziva," Abby said as tears threatened to fall. "It's a year to the day."

"I know, Abby," Ziva said softly. "Do not forget I was there."

How could Abby forget? It had been Ziva, the woman she'd at one point hated, who had gradually become her best friend and was now her rock, who'd insisted, despite her own serious injury, on being the one to tell Abby that Tim had died doing the job he'd loved; leading the team he was so proud of.

Abby swallowed hard, wiped her eyes and pulled herself out of Ziva's embrace. A year ago she and Tim had taken Tommy, Benny and Evie trick or treating before Tim had been called into the office for the case which had taken his life. "You're right, Ziva, Tim would have wanted me to go out with the kids."

Ziva smiled and picked up Abby's outfit.

Twenty minutes later with the children bouncing excitedly, Abby and Ziva both dressed as witches left Abby's house. Just as they did, the wind stopped blowing and the late afternoon sun came out. Abby smiled.
Tags: fandom: ncis, fanfic: stories, pairing (het): abby/mcgee

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