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A general update

I haven't posted for a while what with one thing and another, so I thought I'd so a quick 'this is what's been happening', just to let you know I'm still alive up here.


Tis snowing again - horizontally. In fact most of today has been blizzard like. Tansy has been doing her 'two-year-old' act and bouncing in it and rolling in it and having a superb time. Because of the wind it's quite interesting to look out of the window as some parts are virtually snow free and other parts are covered really deeply.


Nine days to go and counting...

Well they are still moving :-)

All is going according to plan, the decorating should be finished by the middle of this week and the carpets are due to be laid on Thursday. We've been to the flat a few times and it's looking much better. I'll post a 'before' and 'after' pic when all is done, just so you can see the multi-coloured room. The decorators father, who is helping him, commented that he didn't need to put the light on when he went into the room, even though it was dark :-)

They are apparently surrounded by boxes at their end and wondering just why they've seem to have so much stuff left when they've got rid of loads - but isn't that always the case?

They're visiting friends and stuff like that, and mostly people are being really encouraging. However, a handful are being really negative and telling their own 'horror' tales of when their parents/friends moved like this and how unhappy they were, etc. I know people are entitled to their own opinions, heck, I'm still worried that they are making a huge mistake, but if you're going to say stuff like that, why wait until after the decision has been made? Why not say it beforehand? And as Mother says, it's the one negative that sticks in your mind, rather than the ten positives - a bit like feedback on stories really.

Oh, and for some reason Father hasn't told any of his family! Say's he'll send them a card when he moves. I suspect it's because he is, naturally, wondering if they have made a huge mistake and is worried that his brothers, sister-in-laws, nephews and nieces (he has four brothers and I'm the only only child, so there are quite a lot of them) might say that he's making a mistake. But I'm sure they won't, they aren't like that; they'll be pleased for my parents, plus I'm sure that some of them at least would have been offering help with packing and stuff. Oh, well, he's an adult, I can't run his life for him. Mother though is bothered, she wants to tell them as they are likely to be quite hurt if they just get a 'Mr & Mrs E have moved to Scotland' card, but she feels, and I do concur, that she can't go behind his back and phone them. Anyway, she's going to have another word with him, so maybe he'll do it. I do hope so.


1. I've finished my first 'draft' (can you have drafts of non-writing stuff?) of my Gibbs/Ducky mood theme. I finally did the 132nd mood yesterday. I'm not entirely happy with it, hence the 'draft' bit. Some of them I am really happy with and won't be changing at all, some need tweaking and a handful really need other pictures, as I really struggled with one or two of the themes (drunk for example).

2. I got my edits on my four stories for two zines done and back to the editor (waves to editor).

3. I've been writing more Gibbs/Ducky stories - I've done my challenge story for ncis_gibbsducky and have nearly finished (she says with crossed fingers) my rare_pair one. And have several others done specifically for the fanfic100. For some reason this pair refuse to play nicely by themselves, they seem to demand my attention and get really put out if I even hint at writing MFU or Pros or DS (I really don't like head slaps). Okay, okay, the men in white coats will be here to take me away to the padded cell shortly.

4. I've rashly? Foolishly? whatever, signed up to do two essays (yes more) for idol_reflection. I'm doing Gibbs and Ducky, but as separate entities rather than as a pair as per my ship_manifesto one. This is all juleself's fault, as she posted the link to her journal saying that she'd just signed up to do one. And I went there and ... You know how these things go? I do have until 6th June to do them, so it won't be a problem. (She says glibly). There are still a lot of characters going begging if anyone else would like some work fun.

5. I've managed to give aingeal8c more 'work' to do with the new ds_weekly she's set up (partly my fault as I told her about ncis_weekly), and also she's going to do an essay on Ray Vecchio. The thing that's lovely about Aingeal, is that she thanks me for giving her this extra work :-)))


We have a television again - we've been sans one for over a week, thank goodness for DVDs, the weather had done something to the aerial, and of course it wasn't possible for anyone to come out until this weekend, due to the weather.

Well that's really it, I think. I still owe some people emails, but I think (she says glancing at her inbox) that I'm actually not doing too badly at keeping up with them - I hope.
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