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Question for Opera Browser users

Every time I've posted a comment today the following has come up:

Comment Not Posted

Bad Unicode Input

Your browser sent some text which is not recognised as valid text in the UTF-8 encoding, as it should be. This might happen if you forced your browser to view the previous page in some other encoding rather than UTF-8. It may also indicate a bug in the browser. If you cannot get around this error, contact us.

It goes on to allow me to post the comment as it should appear ::rolls eyes:: so that's something, but it's yet another 'level' to go through to get it posted. So why am I getting it?

I haven't changed anything about Opera or my computer settings since I last updated Opera well over a week ago, and it's been fine up until today. And it's not as though I'm putting italics or bold or anything other than 'normal' text in most of the comments, and I'm doing it via LJ, not a Client.

Are any other Opera users finding the same problem? Or is it yet another LJ glitch? I know that tomorrow they are meant to be fixing some database errors, but...
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