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NCIS S10x01 - Extreme Prejudice

Okay, so I know I said I wasn't going to do reviews for this season and I'm not.

However, as this episode was the season premier as well as being the end of an arc I thought I would make a few comments on it.

Before I do make the few comments I was thinking how things have changed for me with NCIS. Three years ago I was getting up at 3:00 a.m. to watch and do really full blown reviews. Two years ago that moved to 6:00 a.m. and the reviews weren't a detailed. Last year it moved to J and I watching during the morning and me doing a short review. This year I didn't even get around to watching it until last night - we chose to watch something else on Wednesday instead. And that won't change. It's very sad.

However . . .

On the whole I liked it more than I feared I would but not as much I was hoping I would.

- I loved the Gibbs and Fornell scenes - they are always so good together and any episode with Fornell is immediately improves the episode. In particular I loved Fornell's 'You don't dress up for me any more', line - priceless.
- I loved the Gibbs and Ducky scenes - it was lovely to see Gibbs so caring and solicitous of Ducky.
- I loved the Gibbs and Tim scenes - again it was lovely to see how fond of Tim Gibbs is.
- I loved the Ducky & Jimmy scenes when Ducky was in hospital; it was lovely to see how much Jimmy cares.
- I loved Jimmy talking to the body.
- I loved that it really was a team-centric episode where none of the team (Gibbs aside and that is fine) had a much larger role than the other team members. I wish, I really, really wish that will continue. But I'm sure it won't; I'm sure we'll be back to Ducky, Jimmy, Tim and Abby being side-lined in most episodes.
- I love that BD is finally where he should be in the 'real' credits - yes I knew about it, but it was lovely to see.
- I really liked the Gibbs and Vance scenes - their relationship is enjoyable and back on track. I liked how Gibbs told Vance he mustn't let Dearing get inside his head and make him doubt.
- I liked that Fornell in effect took the lead; that was right.
- I actually liked the ending and how I did feel a touch of sympathy for Dearing despite what he'd done - not a huge dose of it but a wee bit. It was interesting that he could kill like he did, but he couldn't take his own life, which is what he wanted to do. He got Gibbs to go to the house so Gibbs could kill him - he could only kill from a distance. I also liked how Dearing mentioned the similarities with his situation and Gibbs's and it was true: Dearing's son's death affected him deeply; the deaths of Shannon and Kelly still affect Gibbs deeply - and both murdered as a result of the deaths.

- Abby and her 'I don't like Autopsy'. WTF!!!!!! Sorry, since when does Abby not like to go into Autopsy? Yes, we had it way, way back in Season One in Bête Noire, but that was dealt with in the episode and she has been in and out of Autopsy ever since. What do the script-writers and GG think they are playing at? Talk about inconsistencies squared. Put it this way, even J commented on it!
- Abby generally - she really irritated me in this episode, especially in the above-mentioned Autopsy scene when she kept opening and closing the automatic doors; I wanted to smack her hard. But also in the scene in her lab with Ziva and how totally unconcerned, dismissive even she was about Tim. And the scene with her outside the lift once Tony and Ziva were freed with all her babbling about who she'd like to be stuck in a lift with. Abby used to be my favourite character after Gibbs and Ducky, but she has gradually slipped down the list (well it's more others have overtaken her) but now she is vying with Tony for last place in my 'favourite characters' list and first place in my 'irritating characters' list. So sad.
- The lift scene not being dealt with properly. Yes, we had Tony taking about them breaking protocol by using it and by his comment of 'whose idea was that?' he made it clear it had been his idea. I felt all along that it was him who had suggested it. Not that I believe he would, no one would; but given GG decided to go for it one of them had to have suggested it and I felt it would have been Tony. I just wanted it addressed by Gibbs, just a 'you idiots, never do it again' type of comment. And given all the hints, well more than hints, GG had made about the scene between Tony and Ziva being significant I expected something er significant, but there was nothing we haven't had before - which made the scene even more irritating as it didn't need to have happened and made them both look utter idiots by going into the lift.

- That Dearing knew the FBI lady wasn't really picking him up and that when he went into the bathroom and we saw her get the gun the room was going to blow-up.
- That the body in the car wasn't Dearing's.

- Would Jimmy actually be allowed to conduct autopsies given he isn't yet a doctor?
- Why was Ducky wearing a visitor's badge? Surely he's on sick-leave, isn't he? Thus he is still an NCIS employee - thus why would he need a visitor's badge? And why would Jimmy make a comment to the effect he could get in trouble for letting Ducky touch the body?

A good team-centric episode; a jolly good way to round up the arc; I enjoyed more than I was irritated by - if the rest of the season were all like this episode, I'd consider it a prety good season. I personally would love it if this was now behind us and we didn't keep harping back to it - but I know from what I've read that sadly that won't be case; we are going to go on dealing with the fall-out for quite some time.

I expect I will do this kind of post for the last episode of the season - and I'm keeping everything crossed that it is the last ever episode that NCIS ends with Season 10 (please, please, please, please, please) - but that's all.
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