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Our latest viewings

We took another trip up to the Inverness area yesterday and the weather was much better - no snow this time. We made really good time until we came across the huge tail-back on the A9 due to an accident! I'd only just commented about how much better we'd done than the previous week, so that will teach me. We sat there for a while, and then a while longer until eventually someone told us that the road wasn't going to reopen until 8:00 p.m. (this was just before 6:00 p.m.). So all the vehicles - except for the lorries - turned round one by one and toddled off along the diversion. We eventually got back to our cottage after 7:30 p.m., and given we'd left just after 8:30 a.m., we were, as you can imagine, tired.

The garage that has gone to the trouble of adapting their toilet for the disabled, dinahmt, is at Dalwhinney, and once again it was a clean and super as before - which is more than I can say for a Little Chef one! A wet tiled floor is lethal for someone on crutches! In fact I am beginning to wonder whether the people who install disabled facilities actually bother to consult any disabled people before so doing. Why, oh why, do they put the hand dryer on the opposite side of the room to the sink? I use two crutches and need to use them both, how am I expected to get from A to B with wet hands? And I'm sure that people in wheelchairs have the same problems, do they want to wheel their chair with wet hands?

Anyway, the first house that we saw (in Evanton) was a possibility. It was superb downstairs, near perfect, but the upstairs was disappointing. All the bedrooms and bathroom had deeply slanting ceilings, and ignoring the 'banging one's head' issues, we have so many books and zines in our house (we're both bibliomaniacs) that we seriously don't think there would be room to shelve them all. Plus it is a house and ideally we want a bungalow, but a stair-lift is a possibility.

The second property (a one and a half storey house) in Fearn, Tain was a no-no. It could be a very nice home for someone, but not us. It needed so much work doing to it.

The third property (a bungalow in Dingwall) was okayish. However, again lacked room for all the books and would also involve several compromises - probably more than we, at this stage, care to make.

Hubby has toddled off up to Banff, Portknockie and Buckie today on his own - a second long trip so soon after the first was too much for me. I'm sorry to be missing seeing these properties, as on paper they all look superb. We had to go today as the Banff house is accompanied viewings, and they only do them on Tuesdays! Then we're both off up to the Elgin area later this week. We've got two properties (Bernie and Lhanbryde) booked in and two more (Lossiemouth and Forres) I'm trying to organise.

I'm going to have a rest now and watch an episode or two of NCIS and then I plan to do some emailing or maybe even a bit of writing .....

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