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Writer's Block: Getting It Done

What's the top item in your life's To Do list that you have yet to achieve, and what steps are you taking to get there?

I don't have a life's To Do list - and actually I never have.

I do make To Do lists from time to time but they almost always revolve around catching up with email, finishing a challenge, writing stories, hitting a word count in a month, that kind of thing.

To Do lists can be good things, especially for people who need a little extra to drive them on. However, I think there are times when To Do lists can actually stop people from achieving things because they are so focussed on the things on their list and so wound up with completing them that they end up not doing the things on their list and then getting upset and worried about it but worse still end up actually doing nothing.

I believe a To Do list should be a broad outline of things not a 'OMG, I simply have to do this or my whole life will have no meaning'.

That's just my opinion YMMV.
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