Nikki (nakeisha) wrote,

Writer's Block: Hot Topic

When a new social networking or similar online site sweeps across the internet (Google+, Pinterest, etc), do you rush to check it out and sign up, or do you wait to see if it 'makes it' first? What site is your most recent addition to your favorite online places?

That would be none.

What would the point be? I have my home here on LJ where the vast majority of my dear friends are. It offers me pretty much everything I want and I'm quite content with it.

I have a back-up account on DW should anything permanent happen to LJ. I have a Twitter account (which these days I mainly use for direct messages) Why would I want yet another blog/social networking place?

One is enough for me.

Also, I don't do 'new' and 'hype'. It took me long enough to get an LJ account (*waves to <lj user="caffyolay"*) after vowing I never would; ditto a Twitter account - which I barely use these day apart from DM'ing a couple of good friends. This probably makes me boring and staid and unadventurous and old-fashioned - all of which sums me up perfectly *g*
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