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A month today...

...My parents will be here (eek).

Finally after all the procrastination, hand wringing, mind changing and driving me mad, they have fixed a date to move. And things seem to be going full stream ahead. Mother is not only making lists, but is acting on her lists, dealing with all the things she should be dealing with and not ringing us half a dozen times a day. I'm beginning to wonder just what J said to her when he spoke to her! But she's certainly a different person from when I spoke to her this time last week. I wasn't totally exhausted today when I came off the phone.

The removal men go to them on 20th March, load up, should leave them at lunch time and plan to drive up to The Boarders that day. They'll then stay somewhere overnight and arrive here around lunch time on 21st. The removal firm have already dropped off a load of boxes and bags for my parents to pack their stuff into, and have told them 'if you're not going to use it in the next month, pack it now!' - I do like these people :-)

My parents have booked their flight up here. They are going to stay overnight with friends and then fly up in the early (very) morning of 21st, it's better all round that way, as well as being quite a bit cheaper. Hubby will pick them up at the airport, bring them here for a cup of tea and then take them to the flat - which I'm hoping they won't walk in and hate.

The decorating is happening - slowly. Not slow due to the lack of dedication on behalf of the man who is decorating for us and who has dragged his father (who was a painter and decorator) in to assist. They are working all hours 6:00 a.m. and midnight seem to be the norm for starting and finishing, albeit not both of them all the time. It's slow because until they actually got started on it, even they hadn't realised quite how bad things were in places. I can understand Local Authorities not actually redecorating places (although Mother says their current one does), but you'd think that if they'd ripped out an old kitchen and put a new one in, that they'd at least make good, wouldn't you? Apparently not.

But not to worry. There is plenty of time (I hope) and as the decorator is also the person who will be organising the carpets, at least he can liaise with himself and sort things out to suit him.

We are both really glad that a date has finally been set. I'm sure twenty-eight days is going to pass awfully quickly. Why is it that twenty-eight days sounds a much shorter time period than four weeks or even a month?
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