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French Open

And so we reach the quarter final stages of the French Open and the 'Big Four' have all managed to get through - but it hasn't been without some drama along the way. But they negotiated the troubles and came through.

In the round of 16 the only person who didn't struggle was Rafa who demolished his best-friend on tour for the loss of only two games. Poor Juan Monaco didn't win a single game after he went 2:1 up in the first set. As I said to plutos_revenge, if that's what Rafa does to his best friend, one has to wonder what he does to someone he dislikes *g* (Said tongue in cheek, because friendship is left in the locker room).

I really thought Nole would crash out on Sunday as he went down two set to love against Seppi, but somehow from somewhere, helped by a bit of a fall off by Seppi, he dug deep and showed why he won so many tournaments last year and prevailed.

Federer, who on paper should have waltzed through his match, especially as his young opponent David Goffin (who is twenty-one but looks fourteen) hero worships Fed and had posters of him all over his room when growing up, was also pushed and lost the first set. But in true Fed fashion, he too regrouped and came through.

Muzza was playing Gasquet and they have a history of long matches (five setter at Wimbledon comes to mind) and so playing not only Gasquet but the crowd (Gasquet's French) I wasn't that surprised when Muzza dropped the first set - although the score did give me pause. But after a fairly tight second set, he won the next two comfortably.

We have two quarter finals today and two tomorrow.

Today Fed takes on Del Potro and that should be a nice comfortable win for Fed as he really has got the measure of DelPo recently. Whereas Nole takes on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (another French man, so Nole'll be playing JWT and the crowd).

Tomorrow Rafa takes on a fellow Spaniard Nicolas Almagro. Whilst Muzza takes on another Spaniard David Ferrer. Muzza was definitely feeling his back at times yesterday and the last person you want to play if you are not fully fit if Ferru, who despite being really short (for a tennis player these days) is a terrier on court and runs everything down and gets one more ball back.

I'm going out on a limb and calling the following quarter finale results:

Tsonga to beat Nole.
Fed to beat DelPo.
Rafa to beat Almagro.
Ferrer to beat Muzza.

Yes, I am indeed only calling two out of the big four to prevail. Now watch me be one hundred percent wrong *g* However, the match I think I'm most likely to be wrong about would be Nole vs Tsonga. Tsonga is a really talented player, who if he didn't have a tendency to go for a mental walk-about in so many matches would, I'm sure, be ranked higher than he is. Plus, of course, Nole is the world number one for a reason!

As for the women, well so many top seeds have fallen by the way-side and there's only one woman left of my 'I'd like one of these to win' - Petra Kvitova. I'm not going to make any predictions at all in the women's quarters as several of them I don't know well enough (if at all) to comment on.

ETA 01 3:30 p.m. I am going to be sooooooo wrong about the result of the match between Djokovic and Tsonga - this is not the Nole who came out to play on Sunday! This is the man who is the world #01.

ETA 02 4:50 p.m. Well, the 'real' JWT returned and we now have a match. But . . . *Boggles at the Fed vs. DelPo score* *Rubs eyes* Huh???? Fed is down two sets to none. *Rubs eyes some more* *Goes into hiding from plutos_revenge

ETA 03 5:25 p.m. And JWT takes the third set to go two sets to one up. Whereas Fed as expected has just taken the third set with ease 6:2. Fed to come through and win in five.

ETA 04 6:30 One out of two so far. I was indeed right about Fed - even though he was two sets to love down, he came through in five.

ETA 05 7:30 p.m. And so Nole came through - yet again he saves match points to win.

So going into day two of the quarters I was right for one of the two.


3:50 p.m. Rafa takes the first set - but it was a scrap and a half. Not that I get to watch it, for some reason unknown to me, ITV seem to think that we Brits want to watch a Brit play in the quarters *wry grin* So I'm watching Muzza vs. Ferrer and following Rafa vs. Almagro via scores.

4:35 Ferrer takes the first set. He broke Muzza fairly early on, then failed to hold his serve when serving for the set. But broke Muzza in the next game. And Rafa took the second set, somewhat more comfortably (at least according to the score).

5:40 Game, set and match to Rafa! So history will be made one way or another on Sunday. Either Rafa will get his seventh RG title of Novak will do what no man has done since 1969 and hold all four GSs at the same time. Yes, I am predicting Nole will beat Fed and Rafa will beat either Muzza or Ferru. Muzza takes second set. Now one set all.
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