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Favourite Fandoms Meme

I saw this on sweetsorcery's LJ back in December and have been meaning to do it ever since, but other things have always come up.

However, I thought it might provide me with a little bit of light diversion so....

The Twenty Fandoms Meme. So guess my favourite character(s) in each fandom, several if there's a number in brackets. There aren't many of those, as I did try to decide on just one where at all possible. However, I have also added a touch of variety *g* whereby there is at least one in which I have no favourite, I like the entire ensemble cast equally.

If anyone is suddenly wondering why 'my' fandoms have shot up to 20, rest assured they haven't *g*. I have chosen shows that I really enjoy along with my actual fandoms.

1. NCIS (2)
2. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
3. Sapphire and Steel
4. The Professionals
5. Due South
6. The Sandbaggers
7. Star Trek (TOS)
8. Star Trek (TNG)
9. Star Trek (DS9)
10. M*A*S*H
11. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
12. Angel The Series
13. Stargate SG-1
14. Babylon 5
15. Grey's Anatomy
16. House (2)
17. Starsky & Hutch
18. Sherlock Holmes
19. Raffles
20. New Tricks
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