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Email and a moan

I'm still not sure about my email - it seems (touching wood and crossing my fingers) that most mail sent over the last day or so has got to the intended recipient, but I can't always tell. I'm waiting to see whether I've got any read receipts today in respect of the messages I sent yesterday - bother, I haven't

maubast I sent you three messages yesterday. Did any of them arrive? I did receive a message from you yesterday, BTW

caffyolay I received two messages from you.

londonronnie I sent you a message yesterday.

Judy, if you're reading this, I sent you two messages yesterday.

Hubby spent over two hours yesterday on the phone to our previous telephone/broadband suppliers, just trying to ascertain whether our phone lines had been disconnected. This follows several other long phone calls and at least one letter, their administration side is appalling, it really is. He kept getting passed from department to department and back again, with each one saying that they couldn't help him. Finally, when he did speak to someone who was able to confirm that it had been disconnected, she told him that anyone could have done what she'd done! On more than one occasion he asked to speak to a Supervisor or Manager only to be told that it isn't possible to do that, you have to leave your name and telephone number and they'll get back to you in forty-eight hours! Do not touch NTL. Quite frankly, even if we could get it now we've moved we wouldn't go with them again. The actual service and price is fine, the engineers know their stuff and are friendly, polite and efficient - but the administrative side of it .......
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