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A decision has been made

Thank you again for your support, hugs and understanding in respect of my parents. They have, after another half a dozen phone calls over the last two days, reached their decision.

They are definitely going to move.

The paperwork, I believe, has been signed. It appears as though they are going to use a removal firm. They are going to fly up rather than drive, and in fact are going to leave their car to be sold at their end.

Hubby has taken most of the phone calls, as it had really got to the stage where all I was doing was going round and round in circles with Mother, and getting more than a little angry with her. As J said he is one step detached from the situation, and as such hasn't got the same level of emotional involvement as I have. So whereas I was getting angry about the lack of communication between my parents, he could be a lot calmer and suggest that maybe talking would be a good idea. He can also say 'Mother-in-law stop wittering', or 'You're not listening to me, are you?' and she will do as he says, and even laugh about it. I say it and she gets upset.

I am glad that the decision has been made as I'm a firm believer in knowing (no matter how bad) is better than not knowing. I'm still not convinced that it is the right one for them. However, they aren't children. I've pointed out all the negatives, what they'll be giving up, etc., etc., I can do no more on that front. If it is a mistake, it has to be their mistake as it is their decision.

So it's full steam ahead, and a very busy few weeks for us.

Thank you for 'listening'.
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